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Why do Americans eat green bean casserole?

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Why do Americans eat green bean casserole: The holiday season can be a prime time for green bean casserole in American homes. It includes green beans, a condensed cream of mushrooms soup, and crisp fried onions. How did this dish become so common in American culture?

This particular short article will explain the origins of green bean casserole, its significance in American cooking and its making process. Furthermore, we’ll address some frequently asked questions relating to this beloved dish.

Why do Americans eat green bean casserole

Origin of Casserole

First, let’s define casserole. A casserole is an oven baked dish typically containing veggies as well as starch. It’s thought to have been developed in France during the 18th century. The word “casserole” basically originates from the French term “casser”, meaning “to break”. This is because the ingredients are typically broken up and cooked together in one container.

Emergence of Green Bean Casserole

The recipe for green bean casserole came from Dorcas Reilly, a home economist with the Campbell Soup Company, and first appeared in 1955. The dish gained popularity because of its the, affordability, and simplicity need of only a few pantry items. The emergence of it coincided with the rise in canned goods and processed foods in the American diet.

Through time, green bean casserole has grown to be a typical item at Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Green bean casserole is reportedly served in around twenty million households during the holidays in the United States. (Why do Americans eat green bean casserole)


Why do Americans eat green bean casserole
Credit: Martha Stewart

Making green bean casserole is super easy. A can of green beans, some mushroom soup as well as some fried onions will be what that you need. Blend green beans as well as mushroom soup, stir in onions and bake till crispy as well as golden brown in the oven. That’s all!

Others have also been known to alter the dish by substituting fresh green beans for canned ones, adding cheese or making homemade mushroom soup. Green beans, mushroom soup and fried onions are still the same, regardless of the variation.

Safety Issues

Green bean casserole is an easy meal to prepare, though it is also crucial to think about food safety concerns. The casserole should be consumed within 2 days after its preparation or discarded. Keep away from giving green bean casserole out at room temperature for more than 2 hours, and also in case you are reheating leftovers, make sure they’re warmed up to a temperature of 165’F.


The ease, value, and scrumptiousness of green bean casserole has made it a favorite in American food preparations. The first holiday meal featuring it was held in 1955 and has turned into a tradition at holiday meals throughout the United States. Green bean casserole is a recent culinary trend, despite its popularity. Casseroles go to France, where they’ve been well known for centuries. (Why do Americans eat green bean casserole)

While green bean casserole is simple to make, it’s crucial that you keep food safety issues in mind. In case leftovers need being reheated, check the temperature and ensure the dish is eaten within two days or thrown away if not eaten. Whether it’s a holiday meal or a potluck, we can all savor green bean casserole without having a worry, and relish in the culinary convenience this beloved dish brings.

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