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Racial Controversy Sparks as White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title

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Racial Controversy Sparks as White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title. 21-year-old Brooke Bruk-Jackson was named Miss Universe Zimbabwe, and that means she is going to represent the African nation in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.


Racial Controversy Sparks as White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title


White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title

Held for the very first time in 22 years this past week, the Miss Universe Zimbabwe beauty competition sparked racial tension in the African nation, with many saying the victor isn’t an accurate representation of Zimbabwe’s overall public.


Brooke Bruk – Jackson was born as well as raised in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and is white – a fact that a lot of people don’t comprehend. She is a Harare, Zimbabwe – based beauty therapist and model, aged 21. She’s the daughter of Tracey Evans Bruk-Jackson. Bruk-Jackson went to Chisipite Senior School in Harare, the British Academy of Fashion Design in London, England, United Kingdom and also the Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


Her appointment as Miss Universe Zimbabwe sparked a heated controversy on social media, with vocal supporters arguing her name is polluted with race prejudice and that she won just because she is white.



White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title


“All those gorgeous melanated females, and you telling me the European lady won a competition for Black people,” one Twitter user stated.


Zimbabwe is a country with a long history of racial discrimination. During the country’s colonial era, black Zimbabweans were subjected to segregation and oppression by white settlers. After independence in 1980, the government implemented policies aimed at empowering black Zimbabweans.


Racial Controversy Sparks as White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title


“I do not support that in the slightest and I am not here to argue with anybody.” “Black people must learn to love as well as respect themselves, quit sending a white lady to represent Zimbabwe,” one individual wrote on Instagram.


White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title


iss Universe Zimbabwe is the national preliminary competition through which the nation’s representative is chosen for the Miss Universe pageant. The contestants represent the ten provinces of Zimbabwe’s nation, and also consist of Zimbabwean nationals residing in the diaspora.


Brooke is in fact the second white female to win a national African beauty pageant this season, after Miss South Africa, although her win is regarded more controversial because of Zimbabwe’s greatly divided ethnic landscape, originating from its story of land change as well as the consequent exodus of white people.



Racial Controversy Sparks as White Female Wins Miss Zimbabwe Title


Her triumph has sparked a discussion about race and beauty standards in Zimbabwe. Some people have pointed out that her victory is an outcome of progress, indicating a far more inclusive country. Some consider her triumph as a setback in the battle against racism as well as colorism.


It is still to be seen what effect Bruk – Jackson’s victory is going to have on Zimbabwe in the long run. Her victory has unquestionably sparked a national discussion about race as well as beauty norms in the nation.

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