– A fatal brain disease affecting deer, elk, reindeer, and moose. – Highly contagious and caused by prions. – Spotted in North America, Canada, Norway, and South Korea.

– CWD alters hosts’ brains and nervous systems. – Animals exhibit zombie-like behavior. – No Hollywood fiction—this is real!

– Recent Discovery:Yellowstone National Park’s first confirmed CWD case. A deer carcass tested positive. Raises concerns about human transmission.

CWD prions have infected squirrel monkeys and lab mice with human genes. – Precautionary measures advised.

– Laboratory studies show CWD can cross species. – Non-human primates (like monkeys) at risk. – Humans remain uncertain.

– CWD’s presence in multiple countries. – Vigilance needed to prevent further spread. – Monitoring wildlife populations crucial.

– For Hunters and Public:Be cautious in CWD-affected areas. Follow guidelines from the CDC and state wildlife offices. Avoid consuming CWD-infected meat.

– Stay Informed:Monitor research updates. While the zombie apocalypse remains fictional, CWD’s threat is real.