What does Tyrus’s hand signal mean?

The T-Claw is effortlessly incorporated into Tyrus ‘persona, turning into an essential part of the public image.

The hand signal is associated with his brand and also signifies his unwavering confidence as well as ferocious determination.

Tyrus has experienced his fair share of public misconceptions and controversies surrounding his hand signal.

Some have wrongly connected it with gang culture and misinterpreted its meaning.  

The T-Claw has no ties to any gang and any such associations are just coincidental, it must be noted. 

His faithful fan base has shown him huge support through the entire ordeal, understanding the true heart of T-Claw.

Tyrus’ wrestling career is a thrilling roller-coaster ride filled with high-stakes matches and defining moments. 

The T-Claw is a sign of his unbreakable spirit and also mirrors the persona he represents through his hand signal.