Taylor Swift partnered with Google for a unique vault song reveal for the album, 1989. Many fans ran into problems with the reveal.

Possible reasons for glitch could be either Google underestimated the number of fans or a technical glitch with the vault.

Google needs to ensure that vault is properly tested, it is scalable enough to handle a high volume of traffic and prepare for the level of fan engagement.

Some fans are frustrated with Google. However, other fans are understanding, and they appreciate that Swift is trying new and innovative.

The vault song reveal glitch is a reminder that fan engagement is important, but it's also a reminder that it can be difficult to manage.

Many fans took to social media to express their frustration with the vault song reveal glitch.

Google eventually acknowledged the problems with the reveal, and they apologized to fans.

he glitch taught us, First, test new initiatives thoroughly before launch and Second prepare for a high volume of traffic and a high level of fan engagement.

The incident is a reminder that even the biggest companies can make mistakes. Taylor Swift is still committed to trying new and innovative