Redefining Weddings in Somerville's Bow Market

Redefining Weddings in Somerville's Bow Market

Discover the vision behind Dearly Studio, a micro-wedding haven, reshaping wedding celebrations in an intimate and charming setting

The journey of Alex and Greg, who found their dream wedding elegant, stress-free, and intimate

Step into the 342-square-foot space adorned with a stage, flower canopy, and treats, where Dearly Studio creates a unique, fun, and stress-free wedding atmosphere

Meet Jusmine Martin, the visionary founder behind Dearly Studio, dedicated to providing a sophisticated and photo-worthy alternative to traditional wedding venue

"Explore Dearly Studio's wedding packages, offering a range from the 'Quickie' to the elaborate 'Love On Top,' all designed for a memorable and personalized experience

Unlock the magic of Valentine's Day with Dearly Studio's offer of free weddings, inviting couples to celebrate love in a unique and memorable way.

Delve into industry insights as couples increasingly opt for small ceremonies, prioritizing privacy and quality moments captured at Dearly Studio