A new TikTok trend is going viral, and it's all about men thinking about the Roman Empire.

The reasons why men might be so obsessed with the Roman Empire could be the Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in history

The Roman Empire was a very patriarchal society, meaning that men held most of the power and positions of authority.

The Roman Empire was a very militaristic society. Roman men were expected to be strong and brave, and they were often trained to fight in the army.

In most popular TikTok videos, Men talking about their favorite Roman emperors, Roman military or the Gladiators & re-enacting Roman battles or customs.

Some women find this trend to be funny and endearing. Others find it to be a bit strange or even creepy.

Whether or not you find the TikTok trend about men thinking about the Roman Empire to be funny or strange, it's clear that the Roman Empire is still a fascinating subject

Remember, Tiktok trend does not last long, so did Roman Empire.