Michigan Defeats Washington and Won Clench College Football Playoff National Championship

Michigan's strong defense and running game led them to a 34-13 win against Washington in the College Football Playoff final.

Michigan's defense, ranked No. 1, faced off against Washington's star player, Michael Penix Jr. 

Michigan pressured Penix, causing two interceptions, and Corum and Edwards each scored two touchdowns. 

Corum ran for 134 yards, Edwards for 104, contributing to Michigan's impressive performance. 

Coach Jim Harbaugh praised his team of over 100 Michigan men for winning the championship. 

The victory marked the end of Michigan's challenging 15-0 season, including a scandal and Harbaugh's suspension. 

Despite challenges, Michigan's resilience and on-field performance earned them the national championship title. 

NRG Stadium in Houston saw the exciting College Football Playoff final where Michigan won. 

Coach Harbaugh's leadership and the team's effort solidified Michigan's place in history as national champions. 

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