Maximizing electric vehicles Battery Charge in Winter

winter blankets the landscape, the efficiency and charging dynamics of battery electric vehicles (EVs) undergo significant transformation

The cold temperatures, ranging from freezing to sub-zero, present unique challenges that impact both the range and charging times of EV

John Komar, the executive director of the Automotive Centre for Excellence at Ontario Tech University, sheds light on the stark reality of winter's influence on EV

Efficiency takes a hit, plummeting by approximately 30 to 40 percent in colder climates.

The chilling temperatures not only affect the range but also extend the time required for charging

Mike Siska, a Tesla driver from Thunder Bay, Ontario, offers a firsthand account of navigating the challenges posed by winter conditions.

Despite the reduced efficiency and prolonged charging times, Siska maintains a proactive approach by charging his Tesla every two hour

Siska's experience underscores the adaptability required from EV drivers to make winter driving a seamless experience.

Windsor doctor Tim Callahan, an owner of an electric Ford F-150 pickup truck, provides a perspective on the impact of cold weather on different driving pattern