On September 18, 2023, India expelled a Canadian diplomat over allegations of espionage.

The Canadian government has denied the allegations and has called India's decision to expel the diplomat "unjustified."

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Sikh independence advocate whose killing two months ago is at the center of a widening breach between India and Canada.  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that his government was investigating “credible allegations that agents of the Indian state were linked to the killing of Nijjar

The expulsion of the Canadian diplomat is a major setback for relations between India and Canada.

Indian government is trying to send a message to other foreign diplomats that they will not be tolerated if they engage in espionage activities.

Nijjar was suspected of masterminding a bombing in the Sikh-majority state of India and training terrorists in a small city southeast of Vancouver.

India expressed concern as Canada  being soft over Khalistan issue and not taking appropriate action to stop it.

India and Canada have been  on good terms in the past. It remains to be seen how the two countries will move forward from here.