Fruit Stripe Gum Discontinued: Why?


Ferrara Foods, producer of Fruit Stripe Gum, bids adieu.

Sunset Decision

The difficult choice to sunset Fruit Stripe Gum—explore factors influencing this decision.

Alternatives Galore

While saying goodbye to Fruit Stripe, embrace other Ferrara favorites like Fun Dip, Gobstopper.

Nostalgic Journey

Take a trip down memory lane to the 1960s when Fruit Stripe Gum made its debut.

Rainbow Memories

Recall the iconic rainbow packaging featuring a cartoon zebra and the unmistakable striped gum sticks.


Explore the "brightly flavored gum" with watermelon, cherry, lemon, orange, and peach varieties.

Witness the emotional responses on social media platforms. Reddit users express grief, calling it the end of an era and a piece of their childhood lost.

A piece of my childhood just died," laments a Reddit user. Dive into the unfiltered emotions of the online community.

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