In October of 2019, OpenAI brought on Sam Altman as their new CEO. Altman, who was previously the president of startup accelerator Y Combinator

Despite his successful track record in the tech world, Altman's tenure as CEO of OpenAI was short-lived.

The reason for Altman's departure is unclear, but there has been some speculation that it was related to OpenAI's pivot from a research focus to a more business-oriented approach.

Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati will take over as interim CEO while the board searches for a permanent replacement.

Despite the upheaval caused by Altman's departure, OpenAI remains a leading player in the AI space. They continue to work on cutting-edge technologies like GPT-3, an AI language model

Altman's departure represents a significant shakeup for OpenAI, which has been a leading force in Artificial Intelligence research and development.

At the time of Altman's appointment, OpenAI was already a major player in the world of AI research and development.

Only time will tell how this change in leadership will impact OpenAI's future and the development of their revolutionary technology.