2024 Oscar Best Picture Nominations

Jonathan Glazer's enigma, captivating intrigue, 'The Zone of Interest' beckons, a mysterious contender for Best Picture recognition.

"The Zone of Interest

Yorgos Lanthimos' whimsy, unconventional narratives, 'Poor Things' intrigues, a bold contender for the Best Picture spotligh

Poor Thing

"Resonant narratives unfold, exploring the tapestry of existence, 'Past Lives' whispers poignancy, a contender for Best Picture.

Past Live

Past Live

Christopher Nolan's mastery, cinematic brilliance, 'Oppenheimer' transcends, a front-runner for the Best Picture crown.


A symphony of visuals, orchestrating emotions, 'Maestro' strikes a chord, a harmonious contender for Best Picture accolades.


Intriguing narratives linger, cinematic echoes, resonating emotions, a potential dark horse for Best Picture recognition

The Holdover

The Holdover

A whimsical journey, dazzling visuals, unexpected depth, 'Barbie' transcends expectations, a surprising contender for Best Picture accolade



Compelling storytelling, cinematic descent, a riveting plunge into the depths of emotion, Best Picture recognition beckon

Anatomy of a Fall

Immersive drama unfolds, exploring complex narratives, captivating audiences with every frame, a contender for Best Picture.

American Fiction