The Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus, in collaboration with the SHS-HDJ Parent’s Association, is hosting an enthralling musical production titled "A SINGsational Journey."

This show is a breathtaking musical production that brings together the enchanting and timeless melodies of the songs of different musicals.

This show is a captivating journey through the heartwarming and show-stopping tunes

Audiences can expect a dazzling showcase featuring a medley of show tunes and classics, expertly woven together

grandeur of Broadway’s theatrical masterpieces to the magic of fairytale animated adventures, this production is a harmonious fusion of two worlds

This show is directed by a truly remarkable Creative Director, Mr. Rudy Aviles

He is one of the pillars of Cebu’s theater scene and a well-known local director. His team of choreographers, musical director, musical arranger, graphic designer and light designer

Matinee Show: VIP Reserved Seats – 800, Orchestra Seats – 650., Balcony Seats – 400 Gala Show: VIP Reserved Seats – 1000, Orchestra Seats – 800., Balcony Seats – 500

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