Target is closing nine stores due to a growing theft problem. The stores are : California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

Target is closing stores because of the high cost of theft and the impact it is having on employees and customers.

Theft has a significant impact on Target. It costs the company money, and it can also lead to product shortages and longer wait times for customers.

Target is taking steps to combat theft, including: Investing in security, such as cameras and alarms, Hiring more security guards, working with law enforcement to prosecute theft cases.

Customers can also help Target by: Being aware of their surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity, Keeping their belongings close to them, Not leaving their shopping carts unattended.

The nine Target stores are: California: Daly City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Illinois: Chicago, Minnesota: Minneapolis, New Jersey: Newark, New York: New York City, Oregon: Portland, Washington: Seattle

The closing of the nine Target stores will impact approximately 1,300 employees. Target says that it is working with employees to help them find new jobs

The closing of the nine Target stores will impact customers who live in the affected areas. Customers will need to travel to other Target stores or shop online