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Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

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Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls: The Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan once again grabbed the hearts Of music lovers with his newest single “One of Your Girls”.


Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

This particular synthpop song was released on October 13, 2023, as the 3rd track from his studio album “Something to Give Each Other”.

Inspiration for the Song

Sivan’s song “One Of Your Girls” is a profoundly personal song. It was written about his encounters with guys that hadn’t previously been with guys but had been displaying interest in him1. The lyrics describe a person expressing strong love for another individual who’s supposedly popular and admired by many. The singer admits outside attention as well as admiration, yet claims to be the most dedicated as well as genuine admirer.

Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

Lyrics and Meaning

The lyrics Of “One of Your Girls” are profound and catchy. The chorus states: “Give me a phone call in case You ever become lonely / I will be like one of your girls or maybe your homies / Say whatever You want and I will keep it secret or you have the key to your heart and I want it / I will be like one of your girls / I will be like one of your girls.” These 2 lines sum up the substance of the song: a genuine plea for understanding and connection.

The Music Video: Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

Sivan also dropped a gorgeous music video for “One of Your Girls” together with the album release. The black – and – white image shows Sivan looking at the camera while he sings. Not surprisingly, Ross Lynch shows up in the video in the form of a cameo.

Sivan continuously pushes the limits of pop music from his modest beginnings as a YouTube sensation to his ascent as a worldwide pop star. His distinctive blend of synth- and indie-pop pop has given him a dedicated fan base as well as critical praise.

Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

The Album: “Something to provide Each Other”

“One Of Your Girls” is included in Sivan’s newest album, “Something to Give Each Other”. The album is a set of incredibly personal songs examining topics of love, identity as well as self discovery. Each track narrates a story and also provides a vivid image of Sivan’s events and feelings.

Impact and reception: Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls

“One Of Your Girls” has gotten mostly good reviews from fans and critics since its release. A lot of people praised Sivan’s ability to express complicated feelings through his music as well as his lyrical abilities. The song also had a huge effect on the charts, further establishing Sivan as a significant player in the music business.

Troye Sivan Song One Of Your Girls


Troye Sivan’s ability to produce music that intrigues listeners on a deeper level is apparent in “One Of Your Girls.” It is a song that is encased in an appealing synthpop package that talks about experiences that a lot of people could relate to. It is certainly well worth listening to “One of Your Girls” by Sivan, regardless if you’re the typical fan or simply interested in his music.

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