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travis kelce girlfriend

Travis kelce girlfriend

Who was Travis Kelce’s former girlfriend

travis kelce girlfriend
The on-air reporter and record-breaking tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs began dating in 2017 and had been in an on  going, off again relationship for 5 years.Following rumours that they had separated because of financial reasons, The Ohio native set The record straight in January 2023 in an interview with the Pivot Podcast.
During a new Heights episode with Jason and Travis Kelce in September 2023, Kelce talked about rejoining Tinder and asked his sister-in-law Kylie for advice on choosing a profile photo. Shortly after the episode aired, Kelce sparked dating speculation with Taylor Swift as she was spotted going to his Kansas City Chiefs game on Sept. 24 and once again on Oct. In mid-October, Nicole wrote a powerful open letter to Black females amid the ” backlash she has received from online trolls as Kelce moves on a whole new relationship.
In a candid interview with individuals earlier this month, Nicole opened up about the way she has been focusing on her mental health, including publicly unfollowing Brittany and Patrick Mahomes.For me within my life, I need to move everybody and ahead has to respect that,” she stated. “And hopefully when they respect that, they’re no longer inserting me in items that do not involve me.” You will learn everything you need to about Nicole, from her journalism background to her career as a fashion designer.

She completed her studies at Pepperdine University.

travis kelce girlfriend
Before Kelce met Nicole, she had a love for sports and even went to university to study to become a professional athlete. She posted a ” friendly reminder ” on her Instagram in 2018 , letting her twitter followers are aware that she graduated from Pepperdine University in 2013 with a bachelor’ s degree in broadcast journalism.Hosting is the place where my heart is. she captioned a video recording of herself wearing a Laker’s jersey while reporting from on the outside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

She is a broadcaster specializing in sports journalism

Nicole found hosting gigs at various Sports media outlets including ESPN and Barstool sports after graduating from Pepperdine University. While she made a name for herself reporting on The court for The NBA as well as sidelines for NFL coverage, Nicole has also covered entertainment news. she spoke with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler for Global Grind during her 2017 press tour for The house, and Sterling K. Brown during his 2019 media tour for Angry Bird.

 fashion influencer

travis kelce girlfriend
Nicole has also pursued a career in modeling and is an ambassador for a number of fashion companies, such as Revolve, Crocs and Savage X Fenty.Nicole also posts pictures of her physical fitness and working out on Instagram. Furthermore, the model owns a fitness brand named Strong Is Sexy.

She met Travis Kelce on Instagram

travis kelce girlfriend

It is not clear when Nicole and Kelce first met, but Nicole previously disclosed that they first hooked up through Instagram, “He had been following me and Instagram – flirting for a couple months,” she wrote in a since deleted Instagram Story.

She leverages her platform to authentically share her voice.

On Oct. 9, Nicole viewed a thoughtful message she wrote in a video clip on Instagram. The open letter was written to Black girls despite the “backlash” she’s gotten from web based trolls because her ex-boyfriend Kelce.”It’s always been truly important for me to make use of my platform, not to create division, but to increase as well as unite women, Black women specifically,” she mentioned to the digital camera before beginning her address.”Dear Black female, they will often call you a traitor for falling in love.

travis kelce girlfriend
You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don’t protect what they do not value. “They’ll say you are way way too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken and also, in the same breath, let you know you aren’t enough,” Nicole said. You need to have known much better, because of your Blackness. They might even attempt to tie your net worth to your value. rests somewhere else, Black girl, worth that your value lies someplace else. Your value is deep inside your heart.

 fitness brand

In October 2023, Nicole revealed to people that she is ” very excited ” to be relaunching her fitness brand, Tribe these, dependent on “feel-good fitness” by including the tools she’ s discovered in therapy into the workout routines she shares with her followers.”It’s concentrating on the psychological health component of working out, and that is very, really essential for me and also truly resonates with me, as well as truly just convincing men and women to psychologically take care of themselves.
she said, explaining, “I think that whenever your brain is in a healthy place, your body will follow.”Following her “major breakup” as well as “major life change,” Nicole said that she “lost a substantial amount of weight within a very short amount of time” and wasn’t sleeping and eating.
travis kelce girlfriend
“I’m posting content material as well as men and women are like,’ You look so good. Please tell us about your tricks. You look amazing, And I was like, I’m miserable. I am miserable. “My abs were amazing, I had a six- pack, and I’m depressed,” said Nicole. And I can remember thinking, I have never felt so bad in my life “.” So, I went to therapy and realized, okay, it’s one thing to be physically fit, but it’s totally different ball game to be mentally fit. “you could be in the best shape of your life, but mentally you’re not going to feel good in case you aren’t a healthy person. In August 2023, he was rumored to be dating Taylor Swift

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce’s Relationship: An On-Again, Off-Again Journey

In 2017, Kelce and Nicole started dating following their initial InstagramDMs. In the years that followed, they split and got back together a number of times. In August 2020, the couple separated for the very first time. Kelce confirmed the breakup news after fans speculated about their split when Nicole deleted photos of the football player on her Instagram a week prior.The confirmation came amid rumors that Kelce cheated on Nicole with a Becky, which he denied in a now deleted tweet responding to the accusations. “This is fabricated news… a lie… and not the reason why Kayla and I broke up,” Kelce posted on Twitter, according to a screenshot from TMZ.Take all of your hate somewhere else please.

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