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The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024: The US has slated the November 05, 2024 presidential election. The United States will hold its 60th quadrennial presidential election. President Joe Biden, a Democrat, is running for a second term. We will discuss the prominent candidates from both parties for the Presidential Election in 2024.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Major Republican Candidates


Following are the probable contenders based on the research:

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Donald Trump: The ex-president and head of the MAGA movement, may run for office again. Despite his legal issues and impeachment, he may seek office once more.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Ron DeSantis: The current governor of Florida is a former Navy veteran and congressman. He supports Donald Trump and is well-known among conservatives. He is praised for his COVID-19 response and his resistance to mask mandates and lockdowns.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Nikki Haley: She became the first female governor of South Carolina. She is also the first person of Indian heritage in that role. Besides to being the United States ambassador to the UN, she also served under Trump. People see her as a fair Republican who can appeal to women and minorities.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Mike Pence: He as served as the vice president of the United States under President Trump. He was also the former governor of Indiana and a former congressman. He is a committed Christian and cultural conservative. He supported Trump’s plans and faced criticism for confirming the 2020 election result.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Tim Scott: He’s the young senator from South Carolina as well as the sole Black Republican on the Senate. He was a congressman along with a state legislator. He’s well known for his work in civil rights reform, police reform, and opportunity zones. In 2021, he sent the Republican reply to President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Ted Cruz: He is an ex – attorney general as well as senior senator from Texas. He’s a famous leader of the Tea Party. He supports the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, and the Iran nuclear deal. He ran for president in 2016 and came in second place in the Republican primaries. He was 24 years old at the time.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Chris Sununu: Chris  is the current governor of New Hampshire. He is the youngest governor in the country and the son of John H. Sununu, who served as the White House chief of staff. Sununu. He’s a pragmatic Republican who’s won reelection two times in a swoop state. He balanced the federal budget, lowered taxes, and improved access to medical care.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Kristi Noem: Noem is the current governor of South Dakota. She used to be a congresswoman and a member of the state legislature. She’s the Republican who opposes teenage pregnancy, environmental regulations, and gun control. She has also opposed implementing certain COVID 19 restrictions in her country. She believes in personal responsibility and freedom.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Greg Abbott: Greg is currently the governor of Texas. Before that, he was a prosecutor in Texas and a judge on the state supreme court. He is a Republican. He has sued the government for immigration, healthcare, and green issues. He passed laws to ban abortion after 6 days. He also limited voting rights and allowed carrying guns without a license.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Vivek Ramaswamy: Ramaswamy is an Indian-born American. He graduated from Yale and Harvard Law. He is also a biotech entrepreneur. Even though he was new to politics, he became well-known for reviewing books and criticizing “wokeism” and corporate responsibility in the media. He asserts that these’re dangers to American freedom as well as personal liberty”.

These are some of the Republican contenders for 2024, but as the race progresses, other candidates might arise or withdraw.

Major Democratic candidates

A lot of people have guessed the names of Democrats who might run for president in 2024. However, there haven’t been any official announcements yet. Among the probable contenders based on the web search results are:

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Kamala Harris has been the vice president of the United States since 2021. She serves under President Joe Biden. She is the first woman to hold this office. She is also the first Black person and the first person of Asian heritage. She served as a senator from California from 2017 to 2021. She was also California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017. Her parents came from India and Jamaica and moved to Oakland, California.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Pete Buttigieg is the current secretary of transportation. President Biden chose him for the job in 2021. He holds a Cabinet job for the very first gay individual. Before joining the administration, he served as a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan. He was also the mayor of South Bend, Indiana from 2012 to 2020. His Maltese and Irish-ancestry parents raised him in South Bend, Indiana.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Elizabeth Warren: Ever since 2013, She has been a senator from Massachusetts. She is a popular senator. She focuses on fairness, consumer rights, and the environment. She was a law professor at Harvard. She also chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Later, she became a senator. She grew up in an English as well as Native American working class family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Amy Klobuchar: is a senator from Minnesota, serving since 2007. She is a Democrat with moderate views. She prioritizes bipartisan collaboration in health care, agriculture, and election security. She worked as a lawyer and prosecutor in Minnesota before becoming a senator in 1999. She was brought up to a Slovenian and Swiss mother as well as a journalist father in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Gretchen Whitmer: He is the current governor of Michigan, who has been appointed in 2018. She has shown a practical leadership style. She handled the COVID-19 epidemic, the Flint water crisis, and a foiled abduction plot. She was a state senator from 2006 to 2015 and a state representative from 2001 to 2006 before becoming governor. She grew up in Lansing, Michigan. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a state official. Her parents were of English and Scottish descent.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Bernie Sanders is a Vermont independent senator that votes for Democrats. He calls himself a democratic socialist. He supports ideas like Medicare for All, Green New Deal, and a $15 minimum wage. He tried to become the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016 and 2020. However, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden beat him, in that order. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1941, he went to the University of Chicago and also received his diploma in 1964.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024






Roy Cooper is the governor of North Carolina since 2017. He is a moderate Democrat. He has fought against the Republican – led Legislature on many issues. These include Medicaid expansion, education funding, and voting rights. He served as North Carolina attorney general from 2001 to 2017. He was also a state senator from 1991 to 2001. He was born in 1957 in Nash County, North Carolina. He attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill from 1979 to 1982.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Mitch Landrieu: A former New Orleans mayor (2010 – 2018). He is a liberal Democrat. He managed the city’s reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina. He also removed Confederate statues from public areas. He served as Louisiana lieutenant governor from 2004 to 2010. Before that, he was a state representative from 1988 to 2004. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960. He got his degree from Loyola Faculty New Orleans in 1982 and 1985.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024







Gina Raimondo has been a commerce secretary for Biden since March 2021. She is a moderate Democrat who supports both innovation and economic growth. She was governor of Rhode Island from 2015 to 2021 and state treasurer from 2011 to 2015. She was born in Smithfield, Rhode Island in 1971. In 1993, she attended Harvard University. Then, in 1995, she went to Oxford University. Finally, in 1998, she attended Yale University.

These are just some of the candidates who could stand for president in 2024. The final list of candidates depends on a few things, like Biden’s choice and the midterms in 2022. It also considers public opinion, the economy, and party dynamics. Though it’s too soon to determine who will be the nominee, it’s an intriguing topic to go by.

What are the key issues in the 2024 US presidential election?


The 2024 US presidential election could be competitive and important. Both parties are trying to shape the country’s future. Many factors will impact the voters’ preferences and decisions. These are some key issues.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024


  • Economy: Almost all Americans are most concerned about the economy. In their opinion, the main concerns are COVID-19 recovery, taxes, debt, joblessness, inflation, and trade policies. Both parties will try to share their ideas for a fair and successful economy that helps all Americans.
  • Healthcare is a major concern for millions of Americans, especially after the pandemic. The Democrats will likely protect and improve the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans may repeal or replace it with a market-based solution. There will be a debate on the topics of healthcare costs, accessibility, and safety.The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024
  • Immigration has become a heated topic that causes conflict and controversy. The Democrats want to change immigration laws. They want to help undocumented immigrants become citizens. They also want to protect the Dreamers and improve border security. The Republicans won’t support amnesty for illegal immigrants. They’ll make immigration rules stricter and build a border wall.
  • Abortion: The recent Supreme Court ruling on the Texas abortion law has sparked a renewed, intense argument. The Democrats will back the right to abortion and dismiss any limitations on reproductive rights. The Republicans will oppose abortion rights as well as back steps to safeguard the unborn.The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024
  • Global Warming: The problem of global warming is crucial and has worldwide ramifications for the planet, security and economy. The Democrats understand global warming is important. They will reduce emissions and support clean energy. They will also work with other countries. The Republicans will try to reduce the impact of climate change. They will vote against laws and taxes that could hurt fossil fuels. The future of the country and also the prospects for the younger generation are directly associated with –
  • Education: The Democrats support public education. They want to give more money to schools, teachers, and students. They also want to promote equity and diversity in the curriculum. The Republicans will back school choice and vouchers. They also support charter schools. However, they are against critical race theory and transsexual rights in schools.
  • Gun Control Law: Gun control is a contentious issue in the United States, with Democrats and Republicans holding views that are different on the issue. Typically speaking, Democrats usually support tighter gun control laws, while Republicans are likely to favor much less regulation for individual liberty. Nevertheless, you will find several typical tips on this particular issue which both parties agree on. For example, both parties agree that strict background checks are required to avoid weapons from falling into the wrong hands.The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024
  • Foreign policy is a complicated topic. This is about how the US is seen globally and its relationships with others. It also includes the opportunities and challenges in various regions. The Democrats will choose a diplomatic plan. They will also strengthen US leadership and credibility. Additionally, they will rejoin international groups and agreements. The Republicans will be more unilateral and assertive, concentrating on US interests and sovereignty and looking for withdrawal or renegotiation from international agreements and organizations.

The 2024 election is going to be dominated by these crucial issues, though others might arise or even change as the campaign unfolds further along. Both the candidates and also the voters are going to need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each issue to figure out which ones matter most to them. The result of the election is going to have substantial ramifications for the direction as well as potential future of the US and the globe.

Allegations put against the Democratic Presidential candidates


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

  • Kamala Harris: She’s been subjected to allegations of using her strength as being a prosecutor, hiding evidence and also staying overly strong on criminal justice issues ”. A married politician called Willie Brown has also been accused of helping her advance her career by having an affair with her.
  • Pete Buttigieg: He’s been accused of being unexperienced, elitist, and isolated from the working class and individuals of color. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, continues to be charged with disregarding the police shooting of the black man.
  • Elizabeth Warren is accused of faking her Native American heritage, which She stated She had based on family accounts. Her progressive policies have likewise been criticized as too radical, divisive and unrealistic by a number of.
  • Amy Klobuchar has been accused of abuse as well as mistreating her workers, resulting in a hostile as well as poisonous environment. Her political outlook has also been criticized as being way too moderate, dull and boring.
  • Gretchen Whitmer: She’s faced allegations of imposing too much and unconstitutional lockdown methods as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, violating civil liberties and damaging the economy. From her handling of the crisis she’s faced accusations of corruption and hypocrisy in addition to nepotism.
  • Bernie Sanders: He’s endured accusations of being very old, socialist, and extreme in his philosophy, alienating moderate voters and mainstream. Within his campaign as well as supporters he’s faced allegations of racism, sexism as well as anti – Semitism also.
  • Roy Cooper is accused of being incompetent and dishonest throughout his tenure as North Carolina governor. He’s been charged with squandering his emergency powers, blocking laws as well as blocking investigations.
  • Mitch Landrieu: Mayor of New Orleans, is accused of being unpopular, unreliable, and wasteful. He has been accused of ruining historical landmarks, neglecting crime and poverty, and ignoring infrastructure.
  • Gina Raimondo: Governor of Rhode Island, has been accused of being ‘corrupt, unethical and obedient to business interests’. She’s been accused of sabotaging the pension system, healthcare system as well as education of the country.

Allegations put against the Republican Presidential candidates


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

  • Donald Trump: A judge recently denied his request to eliminate allegations that he orchestrated the Jan. 6 attack in the federal election indictment. In New York, Donald Trump is currently standing trial for alleged civil fraud concerning years of “persistent and repeated fraud.” He’s also been accused of increasing his net worth to secure much more advantageous mortgage terms and get tax benefits Trump is charged with 91 felony counts throughout criminal cases in New York, Florida, Georgia and Washington.
  • Ron DeSantis (R): Florida governor has been accused of managing the COVID-19 outbreak in an incorrect way, suppressing voter rights and participating in a ‘pay-to-play ‘arrangement with a vaccine distributor.
  • Nikki Haley: The ex-UN ambassador has been accused of reversing her stance on Donald Trump, participating in his Ukraine scandal and having connections to a foreign government lobbying company.
  • Mike Pence: the former president has faced criticism for his support of Trump, his participation in The January 6th rebellion and his views on abortion as well as LGBTQ rights.
  • Tim Scott: The senator from South Carolina has faced allegations of becoming a token for the Republican Party, downplaying racism in America, along with voting in opposition to the interests of his voters.
  • Ted Cruz: The senator from Texas has been subjected to accusations of abandoning his state in a winter storm, distributing false information about the 2020 election and creating violence at the Capitol.
  • Chris Sununu: New Hampshire governor has been charged with abuse of executive authority, ignoring public health guidelines as well as disregarding environmental issues.
  • Kristi Noem: The South Dakota governor has been accused of ignoring the COVID-19 outbreak, using state money for personal travel and promoting the business interests of her loved ones.
  • Greg Abbott: The Texas governor has been accused of enforcing stringent abortion laws, prohibiting mask mandates and neglecting to safeguard the power grid.
  • Vivek Ramaswamy: The businessman and author has been accused of conducting business with the Chinese Communist Party, working with someone of Hunter Biden, and being disrespectful and rude to his fellow candidates.

Why people are likely to vote in favor of the Democrat candidates?


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Kamala Harris: becomes the very first Woman, first Black and first of Asian heritage to hold the role of the Vice President of the US. She became the very first Black female as well as first person of South Asian heritage to be sworn in to the California U.S. Senate. She formerly worked as Attorney General of California and District Attorney of San Francisco, where she pushed for criminal justice reform and civil rights and consumer protection.

Pete Buttigieg: As the secretary of Transportation of the U.S. government,  he is the very first openly gay Cabinet Secretary. In 2020, he has been the very first openly homosexual candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He formerly held the role of mayor of South Bend in Indiana, where he helped revive the economic system, enhanced public services and promoted inclusion and innovation.

Elizabeth Warren is an ex Harvard University law student and U.S. senator representing Massachusetts. She’s a renowned progressive senator who champions economic justice, consumer protection as well as social welfare. The Consumer financial Protection Bureau was created by her as a federal agency to safeguard consumers from unjust as well as abusive Financial practices.

Amy Klobuchar, a longtime county attorney and U.S. senator for Minnesota, is in the running for reelection. Her pragmatic and bipartisan legislative approach, along with her effectiveness and productivity, are well – known features of her. She’s signed over 100 legislation into law, concentrating on health care, agriculture and infrastructure, and election security. Additionally, she was a presidential hopeful in 2020, in which she drew conservative and rural voters.

Gretchen Whitmer: She’s received praise for her response to the COVID 19 outbreak, where she enforced stringent public health measures, enhanced vaccinations and testing, and secured federal funding for the state. Additionally, she has worked to enhance environmental, education, and infrastructure problems throughout the state. She had the possibility to become Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate and is currently an icon in the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders a Vermont U.S. senator as well as former Burlington mayor and is a Vermonter. He’s the longest serving independent in congressional history and a notable leader of the progressive movement. In 2016 as well as 2020, he campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination and received millions of followers with his campaign promises of Medicare for All, no cost college, the Green New Deal, along with a minimum wage of USD fifteen. He chairs the Senate Budget Committee, which has an effect on federal spending and taxation.

Roy Cooper: He is the Former Attorney General as well as governor of North Carolina.  He’s been a ferocious critic of the Republican-led legislature and also has vetoed several bills he deemed detrimental to state interests. He’s also expanded Medicaid, raised teacher pay, abrogated the debatable “bathroom bill”, and backed clean energy as well as voting rights. Despite the swing status of the state, he obtained a comfortable re-election victory in 2020.

Mitch Landrieu worked as a long time mayor as well as lieutenant governor in Louisiana along with New Orleans. He’s credited with managing the city’s progress in conquering Hurricane Katrina and enhancing its safety, economy, and infrastructure. He received national attention for his act of getting rid of four Confederate statues from the city, which he justified in a stirring speech condemning racism and also praising diversity. Presently, he is president of the United States Conference of Mayors and might run for the Democratic nomination in 2024.

Gina Raimondo happens to be the Secretary of Commerce and the current Governor of Rhode Island. She holds both roles for the very first woman. She implemented a number of changes as governor to enhance the state’s finances, health care, education, and business conditions. Additionally she made investment in renewable energy, infrastructure as well as innovation. She’s Secretary of Commerce and also manages an extensive range of federal agencies encouraging economic growth, trade as well as technology.


Why people are likely to vote in favor of the Republican candidates?


Donald Trump: In key states, Donald Trump’s message reached a substantial number of American voters, revealing a strong anti-establishment, anger and dissatisfaction. 6 US voters who backed him outlined their motives for doing so. Some of them thought Trump’s business acumen would probably help the nation manage money much better. Others thought that Trump will balance the budget and sustain the economy. Several voters in addition voiced their disapproval for the Clinton legacy and the political system that would like to serve itself. They believed that Trump would change America to serve the people as an alternative.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Ron DeSantis: The Governor is hailed for his handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, his strong position against vaccine mandates, and his support for moderate policies on immigration, education, his opposition to immigration policies of the Biden administration as well as police. He enjoys widespread support from Trump supporters and enjoys a high approval rating inside his state.

Nikki Haley: The former U.N. ambassador as well as South Carolina governor has a good reputation as a foreign policy authority, a reasonable voice, a trailblazer for minorities and women along with a history of dealing with Democrats on some issues.. She’s distanced herself from Trump’s controversy and has targeted independent and suburban voters, too.

Mike Pence: The ex-vice president and ex Indiana governor possesses a dedicated following of evangelical and other social conservatives and considerable experience in both the executive as well as legislative spheres. He’s stayed committed to Donald Trump while attempting to uphold his political identity. Despite Trump’s criticism, he’s defended his role in certifying the 2020 election results and stressed his achievements throughout the Trump administration.The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Tim Scott: He’s the Senator in South Carolina since 2013. Being the sole Black Republican in the Senate, he’s had a leading role in areas as education, criminal justice reform as well as opportunity zones, and authored a police reform bill which was defeated in 2020. Additionally, he has even provided the GOP response to the very first address to Congress by Biden, and has been lauded for his bipartisan stance as well as positive message. He’s been an outspoken opponent of the Democrats’ strategies on racial equity and economics.

Ted Cruz: Since 2013, he’s been the senator from Texas and the GOP’s runner up in the 2016 primaries. He has a devoted base of grassroots activists and Tea Party backers and is renowned to be a ferocious debater and a ferocious defender of the Constitution. He’s been outspoken in criticizing Biden administration actions on immigration, energy as well as international affairs. In 2016 he ran for president and ended up 2nd in the Republican primary after Donald Trump.

Chris Sununu: Since 2017, he’s been governor of New Hampshire and also, as the son of a previous governor as well as White House chief of staff, has a history of obtaining victories in a swing state, reconciling the budget, slashing taxes, and handling the COVID 19 outbreak. He’s been regarded as a pragmatic and moderate leader who could collaborate across party lines and appeal to both centrist and independent electorates.

Kristi Noem: The very first woman to hold that position and the governor of South Dakota have been outspoken critics of the federal government’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and have opposed the imposition of lockdowns, mask requirements as well as vaccine requirements within their state. She’s a vocal Donald Trump supporter and opponent of COVID 19 mask mandates as well as lockdowns. She’s upheld conservative principles on topics including abortion, gun rights as well as religious freedom.

Greg Abbott: He’s the governor of Texas since 2015. The Texas governor and the former attorney general and state supreme court justice has a history of suing the Obama administration over different problems, signing a debatable abortion law, securing the border, and also encouraging economic development as well as employment within his state. Conservative leader, he’s also fought with Biden on immigration, abortion and voting rights. Additionally, he has also overcame personal hurdles and survived a near fatal accident which paralyzed him. He’s been criticized for his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and the winter storm which brought about power cuts in his region.

Vivek Ramaswamy: The entrepreneur and the creator of a biotech company Roivant Sciences. He has been an ardent opponent of the woke culture, business censorship, and the effect of China on American institutions. Woke, Inc. is a book he’s produced that critiques the effect of social justice activism on companies. He’s talked to different media outlets to express his viewpoint. He’s positioned himself as being an outsider in politics and a newcomer.

States likely to vote in favor of Republican candidates



The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024


Ron DeSantis: The current governor of Florida, is a favorite amongst Republicans and might come out as a frontrunner for The nomination. He enjoys good backing in his home state in addition to in other south and sunbelt states like Georgia, North Carolina and Texas and Arizona. Several swing voters in the Midwest – Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa – might be drawn to him. He’s challenged within the Northeast, West Coast and upper Midwest, where he isn’t as well known or appreciated by voters.

Nikki Haley is a top female Republican Party leader and might be a frontrunner for The nomination. Her modest appearance as well as different record might appeal to urban as well as minority voters, particularly in states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, and Nevada. She also enjoys a big support base in her very own state and in various other southern states as Georgia, North Carolina as well as Florida. A few populist and conservative voters might perceive her as too established or soft on foreign policy, and she might encounter resistance.

Mike Pence, The former vice president and former governor of Indiana, is a steadfast supporter of The former president and a well – liked figure among evangelical and conservative voters. He has a good support within his home state along with other Midwestern states, including Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri. A few mountain and southern states, like Kentucky, Tennessee and Montana, might also see him perform well. Nevertheless, he might find it difficult to broaden his charm beyond his base, because he’s commonly unpopular amongst Democrats & independents, and also could experience criticism from a number of Trump supporters for certifying the 2020 election results ”.

Tim Scott, a junior senator from South Carolina who’s also The single black Republican in the Senate, is a rising star inside The party and an aspirant to The nomination. He boasts of a conservative track record as well as compelling personal story, which may appeal to voters seeking a new and varied face of the party. Within his home state and in various other southern states like Georgia, North Carolina as well as Florida, he enjoys significant support. Some swing states including Pennsylvania, Nevada and Michigan might also appeal to him. He might struggle to win over independent and moderate voters who might disagree with his stance on social and economic issues and hard core Trump supporters who might doubt his dedication to the extant president.

Ted Cruz, a junior senator from Texas who finished second in The Republican primaries in 2016, is a well – controversial and known member of The party along with a possible contender for The nomination. Conservative and liberal voters really like him since he opposes the Democrats and also favors limited government and personal rights. Within his home state as well as in some other western states like Oklahoma, Arkansas as well as Utah, he has strong support. He may even have some appeal in certain mountain and rural areas, including Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho. He might struggle to appeal to moderate and suburban voters who might perceive him as too extreme or divisive, in addition to Trump supporters who might not take his previous conflicts with the ex-president in 2016.

Chris Sununu is The current governor of New Hampshire, The son of an ex-governor as well as former White House chief of staff, along with a pragmatic and likable leader inside The party who might be a contender for The nomination. Within his home state as well as in some other New England states as Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont he has strong backing. A few Midwestern and swing states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota as well as Colorado might even find some appeal in him. Nevertheless, he might face hurdles in getting traction in the competitive and crowded marketplace, because he’s much less well known or even a reduced amount of charismatic compared to several of his adversaries, plus he may experience doubt from several liberal and populist voters, who might see him as way too moderate or perhaps absurdly establishment”.

Kristi Noem: The present governor of South Dakota along with a vocal supporter of then president Donald Trump, Noem is a charismatic and conservative leader of the party along with a possible candidate for the presidency. She has a solid support in her home state along with other rural as well as mountain states, including North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. She might even be popular in certain south and sunbelt states like Texas, Florida and Arizona. She might be challenged by independent and moderate voters who might disagree with her approach to the COVID-19 outbreak as well as her position on environmental and social issues, in addition to by some establishment and conventional voters who might question her abilities as well as experience.

Abbott, The current governor of Texas as well as an ex-attorney general and judge, is a seasoned and conservative leader of The party along with a likely contender for The nomination. Within his home state as well as in some other southern as well as western states like Oklahoma, Arkansas along with New Mexico, he enjoys solid backing. He might even have some appeal in several Midwestern and swing states, including Ohio, Iowa, and Nevada. He might encounter opposition from independent and moderate voters who might oppose his immigration, abortion and voting rights policies and Trump supporters who might perceive him as way too weak or compromised.

Vivek Ramaswami: He is the newcomer as well as outsider for the party. A biotech business owner as well as first generation American – A possible candidate for nomination. His conservative and anti-woke platform may appeal to voters fed up with political correctness and cancel culture. He might get support in specific urban as well as suburban areas, where he might appeal to minorities and immigrant voters along with young and educated voters. He’ll probably struggle to gain credibility and name recognition within the party because of his relative unknown as well as unproven status, and also he might encounter opposition from both establishment as well as populist voters because of his perceived elitism or opportunism.

States likely to vote in favor of Democrat candidates


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

1. Kamala Harris: Strong support is likely to be given to VP Kamala Harris within her own home state of ‘California’. Furthermore, states with a diverse population and a substantial Democratic base, like * New York *, * Illinois * and * Massachusetts * *, might favor her as well.

2. Pete Buttigieg: Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is from **Indiana**, and he could expect support there. Furthermore, progressive urban centers in states like Oregon, Washington, and Colorado might be open to his message14.

3. Elizabeth Warren: Senator Elizabeth Warren represents **Massachusetts**, where she enjoys a lot of recognition. The progressive policies of her might find support in states including * * Vermont * *, * * Minnesota * *, and * * Maine * *.

4. Amy Klobuchar: Within her native state of Minnesota, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is extremely respected. She might also garner support from states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

5. Gretchen Whitmer: Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has gained prominence throughout the pandemic. Her appeal could reach into some other Rust Belt regions like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

6. Bernie Sanders: The progressive figure Senator Bernie Sanders enjoys a huge following in states including “Vermont,” “Washington” as well as “Oregon.” His appeal transcends regional borders.

7. Roy Cooper: Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina might attain success in his native state. His candidacy could also be considered in states with competitive Senate races, including * * Georgia * * and * * Arizona * *, among others.

8. Mitch Landreu: Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s prospects are much less clear, though he might find support in states with big African American populations, like **South Carolina** and **Alabama**.

9. Gina Raimondo: Former Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s history in both business and government may well resonate in states such as * * Connecticut * *, * * Delaware * * and * * Maryland.

What is Super PACs?


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Super PACs are political action committees which raise and spend unlimited sums of cash out of several sources to influence presidential elections in the US; They are also called independent expenditure just committees because of their inability to directly coordinate with candidates or parties twelve allowing it to make unlimited contributions to parties and candidates.

The emergence of super PACs was a consequence of a number of Court decisions and regulation changes which eased campaign finance restrictions in The US, with Probably the most significant being The 2010 Supreme court decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Federal Election Commission, that permitted companies & unions to spend limitless amounts on impartial political campaigns’.

Super PACs are a topic of discussion in US politics, with a few critics claiming they provide a lot of influence to rich donors along with other special interests and violate the principle of one individual, one vote. Other people defend Super PACs as a type of totally free speech as well as a method to boost political participation as well as diversity’.


What is an Electoral College?


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

The United States presidential election is formally announced by the Electoral College. The institution consists of 538 voters that are selected by their states. The electors, generally selected based upon their party affiliations, vote for the presidents as well as vice presidents on behalf of the states.

So just how exactly do electors get selected? The number of electors is given to each state according to their number of congressional representatives plus 2 senators. California has 55 voters, while smaller states like Wyoming have just 3. Electors are often selected through a vote in their respective state’s parties. The electors of political parties are generally named ahead of time, so voters understand who they’re casting their votes for.

During a presidential election, Americans tend to be electing the representatives of the state, not the candidates themselves. The U.S. Constitution prevents the direct election of president as well as vice president by voters, the reason for this. Rather, the Constitution permits each state to make use of a method to decide its voters.

The Electoral College has created controversy in instances in which a person may win the popular vote and still lose the election, as was observed in 2016 when Hillary Clinton obtained almost three million more votes that Donald Trump. This is because the victor of the election is decided by whichever candidate secures the vast majority of Electoral College votes, with voters typically forced to vote based upon their state winner although not necessarily.

Electoral College Pros 


Electoral College Pros 

The Electoral College offers its advantages:

  1. Protecting Minority Interests: The electoral college helps smaller states participate in the political process. Without the electoral college, candidates would merely concentrate their campaigns on the big populous states which would disregard the voices as well as needs of minority groups.
  2. The Political System Must be Stable: The electoral college keeps the political balance by making it extremely difficult for any single party to rule the Presidency. This system checks on voter fraud and the possibility of one candidate winning the Presidency by merely winning the popular vote.
  3. Consensus Building – Encourages: The electoral college enables the victorious candidate to acquire support from throughout the nation. The reason behind this is that a person must win a Presidential election by acquiring a majority of electoral votes from various states.

Cons of the Electoral College


Electoral College Pros 

  1. Vote Suppression: The electoral college system may result in voter suppression. The reason for this is that people on the losing side in states that have winner-take-all electoral votes might believe that their votes are insignificant and could opt not to vote in subsequent elections.
  2. Disenfranchisement: The electoral college disenfranchises people in tiny states. The electoral college votes in a state like Wyoming are more significant compared to in California. Wyoming voters possess greater electoral impact compared to California voters, resulting in voter disenfranchisement for several voters.
  3. Fosters divisive Campaigns: The winner – takes – all method of the electoral college can foster divisive campaigns. Candidates concentrate their campaigns on marginal states and swing regions, frequently ignoring the large states. This system, consequently, fosters “demonization” of political parties which might be viewed as a risk to obtaining the electoral votes.

Electoral College vs Popular Vote


The Presidential election in the United States is possibly the most crucial event in the country’s political calendar. By casting our vote, we as voters can select the next leader of the nation. Nevertheless, there are 2 ways in which our vote is able to create a selection for who is going to be the President of the United States – the Electoral College along with popular vote. This article will explain the distinctions between the 2 and explain their functioning.

The Electoral College involves elected representatives from all fifty states as well as the District of Columbia. The electoral votes provided to every state are proportionate to the state’s populace. The Presidential election is won by the person that gets the vast majority of electoral votes. The total electoral votes are 538 as well as the candidate has to obtain a minimum of 270 votes to be President. The founding fathers of America developed the Electoral College to balance power, as a majority vote will give too much power to the populous states. Although every state has its own electoral vote, several states are vital in the Presidential elections and both candidates might decide to campaign in these states rather than another states or the swing states.

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Alternatively, popular vote is based upon a majority vote. The election is won by the person that gets most votes, to put it simply. The American people cast a direct vote, and each vote matters equally. A direct popular vote is justly a much better system in accordance with democracy, as every vote is important. No middlemen would have been involved in the whole process if the popular vote was the single criteria for becoming President.

Popular vote might be the sensible choice for many Americans, though it has its limitations. The popular vote can distort perceptions of the candidates, since a single candidate might not win a majority of the nation’s vote but win the election by sabotaging margins. In case 2 candidates receive 49 % along with fifty one % respectively of the total votes cast in a state, the former candidate would win all the electoral votes even though the former candidate would receive none. The candidate can win the Presidential seat with justified votes even in case they lose the popular vote.

The Electoral College has faced criticism for being undemocratic because of its excess authority over smaller states. It may also result in a scenario where a person with fewer overall votes elected president due to the significance of swing states. The system isn’t merit based and as a result subject to political manipulations.

Presidential Debates 2024


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

Let us discuss the presidential debate format in 2024 initially. The debate commission will unquestionably announce the rules as well as guidelines nearer to the time, though we can look to past debates to get an idea of what to expect. The debates will probably last several rounds and each candidate will be given a predetermined time frame to answer a question. They might also be able to directly question one another. The debates can be classified into domestic policy, international relations as well as the economy. The format is meant to enable people to compare and contrast candidates’ viewpoints on vital issues.

The debates will probably take place in several major cities across the nation with regards to locations. The choice of these cities is generally determined by their political and historical significance to the election. Traditionally, debates have occurred in colleges, town halls along with other settings that draw big audiences. Major television networks generally air the debates, making them very easily available to the public.The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

The candidates themselves are one of the most crucial elements of presidential debates. Even though it’s impossible to predict who will stand in 2024, we know the debates will involve candidates from both sides. The debates will permit voters see the candidates in action and assess their policies as well as leadership styles. In case there are several good candidates running, this is going to be particularly crucial because voters will have to know how to differentiate between them to make an educated choice.

Remember that the presidential debates aren’t conducted in a vacuum. They’re a component of a bigger campaign program, and both sides will endeavor to have a narrative centered on their candidate and their platform. Candidates will thus invest considerable time getting prepared for the debates, improving their talking points and perfecting their delivery. The discussions themselves will be thoroughly analyzed as well as critiqued by both political commentators and media, which is a major factor.

Which are the US Swing States 2024?


The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024



Florida holds probably the most electoral votes of any swing state with twenty nine. Additionally, it has a diverse population – a higher percentage of Hispanics, along with a considerable number of African Americans – which makes predictions difficult. Florida was won by Republican candidates recently but the margin is razor thin and Democrats are bullish about its future prospects. The candidate that captures Florida will unquestionably have a massive advantage in the election.


Having eighteen electoral votes, Ohio is yet another significant swing state. Ever since 1964, it’s been a state bellwether in each presidential election, making certain whoever emerges victorious in the state will ultimately become the president. It features a mainly white populace and a diverse and solid economy. Ohio had been a swing state which helped Donald Trump win in 2016, though the Democrats won 2 Senate seats in 2018, indicating the state remains cut-throat. Both parties must have Ohio as a must win state.


Pennsylvania has twenty electoral votes, making it a high stakes battleground state. The Democrats won both of their previous two presidential elections with this tactic playing a crucial role in their winning approach. Biden won in 2020 due to the state’s diverse industrial economy as well as substantial minority population. Pennsylvania is a state with a substantial Republican – leaning rural population – a state that could go either way.


For almost four years, Republican presidential politics was dominant in Arizona, which shifted to the Democrats in 2020 with eleven electoral votes. The state features a major Hispanic population and it is attracting a burgeoning tech sector, resulting in a diverse population as well as political landscape. Arizona’s expanding urban areas are becoming increasingly liberal, giving the Democrats hope of holding onto the state in 2024. The dynamic demographics and changing political environment of Arizona make it an intriguing state to observe.

Conclusion: The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

The Saga of US Presidential Election 2024

The 2024 United States presidential election is slated for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. A president and a vice president will be elected by voters for a four – year term. Biden and Trump being nominated by their very own political parties would likely likely be the very first rematch in the presidential race since 1956. The victor of this election is going to be inaugurated Jan 20th, 2025.


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