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Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is out

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Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is available today and ought to be accessible for Xbox and PC gamers. It had been stated just before its release that Starfield might be the most polished Bethesda game at launch. Starfield appears to have largely lived up to that promise, however, this does not mean it has been a bug-free experience for gamers.


Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is out


Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is out


Although Starfield features a lot less bugs than every other Bethesda game at launch, it’s endured a number of technical issues. Thankfully, Bethesda has released updates for Starfield to fix a number of these problems. Starfield’s newest update deals with a few of its most pressing issues.


Right after installing the most recent update for Starfield, problems should be fixed with characters wandering far from their correct places, along with the problem in which Star Stations had been improperly called player owned ships. Bethesda also fixed an issue which permitted access to the complete inventory of a vendor. Although Bethesda declined to provide details, that implies that Starfield’s puddle glitch might have been fixed, but will need testing by fans when they download the update.


Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is out


Key art for starfield the brand new starfield update deals with graphics problems including blurry textures in The game. An essential fix in this update deals with Starfield’s scanner, which could begin hitching after a particular stage. With luck downloading the brand new update means this issue is something of days gone by, and Starfield gamers with plenty of hours in the game will again be able to make use of their scanner without needing to cope with the hitching problem. As of the newest update, unknown stability and performance enhancements have been applied, which ought to result in much less crashes and freezes for Starfield gamers.


Lastly, Starfield’s brand new update has fixed some small bugs with its ships. Just before the update, Starfield ships had a problem which caused displayed items on mannequins to disappear, in addition to an issue which could result in items kept in Razorleaf Storage Containers as well as Weapon Racks to vanish after commanding an additional ship.


Bethesda is likely to continue to develop the game for Starfield players down the road. The majority of updates are going to be modest bug fixes, but there’s the chance of even more major changes. The starfield players have lots of ideas regarding what ought to be done in the open world sci-fi RPG, however only time will tell whether they will be included.


Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 is out

Notes about Starfield Quick Update 1.7.33 Patch Notes



Characters: A problem which caused some characters to not be in their appropriate place has been resolved.
Star Stations: Fixed a problem in which Star Stations will be labelled as players owned ships.
Vendors: An issue allowed for the complete inventory of a supplier to be able to be accessed.




PC: AMD (PC) Fixed a problem which caused star lens flares on AMD GPUs to not show up properly.
Graphics: Addressed an upscaling problem that may cause textures to get blurry.
Graphics: A problem which might result in photosensitivity problems while scrolling through the inventory menu has been fixed.



The Hand Scanner: Addressed a problem in which the Hand Scanner resulted in hitching.

A variety of performance and stability enhancements to fix crashing and freezing problems.

Displays: A problem which caused displayed items to vanish when used to in-ship mannequins was fixed.
Displays: A problem which caused items kept in Razorleaf Storage Containers as well as Weapon Racks to vanish after commandeering a second ship, was fixed.

Starfield is currently available for the PC as well as Xbox One X.

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