Your wedding is a one-in-a-lifetime affair. Your memories needn’t be. Bring your wedding to life, with equal pomp and splendour as the fateful day, every single time!


Since we put so much effort into designing this intimate wedding, I knew I wanted a photographer who would do justice to our vision. The Wedding Salad team brought to life our event with their stunning clicks. I am so happy I went with them and I would not have trusted anyone else to do it!

- Taseer Shaikh, Mumbai

They covered all the functions (mehendi, sangeet, cocktail and wedding). I don’t have to tell you how good a job they did; I think the photos are proof enough! I recommend them to every new couple ready to tie the knot and looking for professional photographer

- Aditi Shetty

Kanishka and Aayushi did an excellent job of covering every moment of our wedding and reception. They are very friendly, blend in with the guests, and take amazing candid photographs.

- Torsa Ghosal, Kolkata & Mumbai