When we first talked to Sanjana over the phone, we were excited out of our minds over the prospect of shooting a wedding in Nepal. The idea of shooting a wedding with the backdrop of himalayas was exhilarating. We started looking for locations over the internet where we could do their pre-wedding shoot and wedding portraits but unfortunately, Nepal was struck with one of the biggest earthquakes in history on 12th April, 2015. Sanjana’s family who are based out of Nepal didn’t find it right to be celebrating in the country which was mourning. With only one month to go for the wedding, they shifted the festivities to Delhi. Both the families put in crazy amount of hard work to put this wedding together in a month’s time and We have put together a selection of images from this amazing wedding for you to have a look.

Thank you to Sanjana and Revant for inviting us to document their day and big love to WeddingSutra for featuring their wedding!


Hey Aayushi
A great post and even better pictures. Every special moment has been captured beautifully. Good Job!