Resham and Soham’s wedding was a much-awaited project for all of us at TWS. For one, we had never shot in Turkey before so there is an element of anticipation always when going to shoot in a new location. Another reason was chemistry. As soon as Resham confirmed with us, she sent her pre-wedding and her registered marriage pictures that happened in London. By looking at those 6-7 images you could understand how much in love they are and it will be so amazing to work with them.

They obviously turned out to be cuddlers, letting us take photos of them being vulnerable and happy. It’s a good life 🙂

The wedding was actually a party for their friends and family to come together and have an amazing time and what better way to do so than in the beautiful landscape of the Turkish peninsula. Both Resham and Soham are from Africa, while Resham hails from Uganda, Soham calls The Gambia his home. Both of them studied, fell in love and live in London. Their wedding had guests from 23 countries and 5 continents.

Both of them did most of the creative planning themselves—with their families handling the majority of the aesthetics—but had Horizon WIE from Mumbai and Inventum Global from Turkey to help with execution throughout the week.

It started on Tuesday with a dress code that called for guests to wear anything they wanted as long as they topped it off with some Turkish accessories—an edict that everyone ended up taking very seriously. For the daytime party on Wednesday, there were lots of Mela–influenced outfits since it was mehendi. “Having so many Indian friends and family spread through out the world, everyone is obsessed with bollywood so it made perfect sense to have a bollywood theme Sangeet,” Resham told us. The wedding was surreal with pheras overlooking the Mediterranian Sea. Finally, the reception called for ballroom gowns for the ladies, and Tuxedos for the guys as the theme was Masquerade.

There are so many things that made this wedding memorable for us. Both their families gave us all the warmth, love and affection they had, and we have attempted to give them our all too – through our work. As always, we are incredibly lucky to be chosen by such beautiful humans to document and create an heirloom of memories for their families.

Resham & Soham and your families, thank you so much for having us. You two are so amazing, and we look forward to seeing you again!