Kanika & Prince’s wedding was one such wedding that deserves a little jig This fusion wedding, Sikh & Bengali, was so absolutely beautiful and lively that we haven’t been able to stop our happy feet. Well, because this is the kind of wedding that infuses breathtaking cultural traditions with rich, colourful details and soo many heartwarming moments that you’ll just feel HAPPY. And in our humble opinion that’s the best kind of wedding.

Every bit of this Bengali wedding was so beautiful right from the rich reds and brilliant gold of Kanika’s saree to Prince’s kurta and dhoti made of paper silk brought all the way from Kolkata.

The traditional Bengali bridal makeup is an intricate and a long affair.

After the bride gets ready, she is asked to cover her face with betel leaves and made to sit on a wooden stool called pedhe. The stool is then lifted by her brothers and is taken around the groom in seven complete circles known as the ‘Saat Paak’. This ritual symbolises that the bride and groom are winded up securely to each other.

As the bride is taken around the groom the women blow conch shells and ululation, a sound that is made by moving their tongues horizontally at a very fast speed while making a sound from their mouths.

After the ‘Saat Paak’ the bride removes the betel leaves for the ‘shush dristi’after which the couples exchange garlands and the groom proceeds to the mandap followed by the bride.

After the long colourful rituals we decided to take them right out on the street for a short couple shoot. The result turned out to be just bang on! It’s after we took the shot and previewed it on the laptop is actually when we realised the bisleri billboard right on top


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the pictures are awesome…could you please share the photographers contact details?

Thanks a lot, Sreya! 🙂

The makeup artist was Poonam, she has a parlour in Andheri somewhere. Dont know much though.

Amazing pictures! What a visual feast 🙂

The bride look gorgeous, who did the make up?

The pictures are so beautiful, the couple seems so much in love with each other making anyone to fall in love all over again………….

Thanks for letting us know 🙂

awesome photography guys… specially love the pic where she gets the chandan done. Just two small things. "pedhe" & "shubho drishti"

The snaps are really good…

Girl u surely had a great photographer. I loved each and every photo but this last one's idea is toooo good