Niki and Rajas hosted their wedding in Upper Deck, Lonavala. The festivities started with an extremely intimate Haldi ceremony for both of them together, which is rather more fun rather than doing it separately. The Haldi ceremony included just family and few friends. It was a warm, cozy event and everyone, including us, absolutely enjoyed the simplicity and the homeliness of it.

After witnessing a beautiful sunset, it was time for welcoming the night with some cocktails by the pool side. It was an indelible event and their family and friends made it all the more special with their heartwarming speeches about them. There was everything that one looks for in any joyous affair: some clever dance moves, a huge throng of friends, fireworks, cocktails and two lovable individuals to host the function! Since the mix was a succeeding one, the event was, too, naturally. 

Niki wore an exquisite blush Elle Saab while Rajas looked dapper in his black Calvin Klein tuxedo. The feeling of standing on top of a mountain with fireworks all around, who wouldn’t kill to experience this delightful scenery.


The wedding, too, was an outdoor function and the ghats of Lonavala stood tall as a lovely backdrop. Despite the wedding being a day affair the ratio of warm and cool colours was just perfect which created an atmosphere of love livable. The winds had gotten so nasty during the saptapadi that Rajas had to multitask, forcing him to prevent his dhoti from flying away and hold on to the leaves at the same time ☺ 

Both Niki and Rajas are much grounded, humble individuals and the fact that even as their respective parents moved to two different continents, and they followed each other to a third, goes on to show that theirs was a love destined.

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