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Movies similar to No One Will Save You

There are many other movies similar to No One Will Save You. No One Will Save You is a U.S. science-fiction – horror – movie from 2023 that intrigues audiences because of its distinctive storytelling.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You


Movies similar to No One Will Save You

The Plot

The movie focuses on an exiled, anxiety-ridden homebody who has to fight an alien which finds its way in her home. The story is action-packed as well as told from the eyes of a lonely young female with a distressing backstory.

Unique Aspects

The minimal usage of dialogue is the thing that sets “No One Will Save You” apart from the rest. Within its 93 minute running time, the movie contains just 5 words of dialogue, which makes it really a unique cinematic experience.


The movie was released on September 22nd, 2023 and got good reviews from audiences and critics alike. It has a score of 6.3/10 on IMDb as well as a user rating of 70 (from 100) on TMDb.

Creating “No One Will Save You” was a special experience for the crew and cast. The movie was filmed in a single location, and that added to the story’s claustrophobic mood. Brian Duffield, the director, employed innovative methods to tell the story without depending on dialogue.

The Visual Effects

The visual effects team brought the alien being to life using incredible effects. The creature design is fascinating and terrifying, contributing to the horror aspects of the movie.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

You are in luck if you enjoyed the distinctive cinematic experience of No One Can save you. A few upcoming films promise to provide a similar combination of science fiction, horror as well as suspense. Here are some to look out for:

1. A Quiet Place Movies (2018-2021)

The A Quiet Place series is a must watch for fans of “No One Will Save You”. Additionally, these films utilize minimal dialogue to build suspense and tension.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

2. Signs (2002)

It is another movie which fans of “No One Will Save You” Will find fascinating. This film by M. Night Shyamalan is a skillfully terrifying alien invasion must.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

3. Nope (2022)

“Nope” is a current release by author as well as director Jordan Peele. It utilizes symbolism to bring depth to its horror components, like “No One Will Save You.”

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

4. The Alien

The Alien Franchise is really a classic of The sci fi thriller genre. The first movie was released in 1979 and produced numerous sequels.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

5. Cowboys and Aliens

“Cowboys and Aliens” is an action adventure film that distinctly blends good old Western grit and futuristic sci-fi elements.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

6. Beyond Skyline

It is a tense thriller that resembles the theme of “Skyline.” It focuses on detective Mark Corley, who attempts to get in touch with his estranged son during an alien attack to find out exactly how he got involved.

Movies similar to No One Will Save You

These movies promise to provide you with exciting experiences comparable to “No One Will Save You.” And so get your your popcorn prepared and be ready for some entertainment which will keep you in your seat!


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