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Morgan State University Shooting 2023

Several shots were fired in the food hall at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland on October 3, 2023. Morgan State University Shooting left four students injured, however, there were no deaths.


The shooting has shaken the community and also sparked concerns about security on campus. The college has increased security and it is providing counseling to students that have been hurt by the shooting.


Morgan State University Shooting 2023


Morgan State University Shooting 2023


What happened?


The shooting happened about 12: 15. 3rd of October, at 30 pm. The police say a male suspect went in to the food room and fired several times. A 21 year old student, twenty one years of age, was hurt in the leg and was brought to a nearby clinic to get medical care. The suspect then fled the scene and remains fugitive.


Watch Live Report about the incident


Live Video Credits: Agenda-Free TV




The Baltimore Police Department is investigating the incident. The perpetrator as well as motive behind the shooting haven’t been disclosed by the authorities. Officials said, urging students to take shelter at the campus of the historically Black university. The Baltimore Police Department confirmed officers are on the scene for an “active shooter situation.”

The police put the university on lockdown for several hours and gave little information regarding their investigation. The shooting’s address seemed to match a residential structure that is on the same block as the city’s police station.


Morgan State University Shooting 2023

“We’re asking everybody to shelter in place and stay away from the area,” the police said on Twitter. Around 3 hours later police said it had been no longer an active shooter situation and said further details have been anticipated at a press briefing.

At least 4 people have been shot, as reported by police spokesperson Vernon Davis, who spokeswoman for the Baltimore Banner.

Police spokesman Amanda Krotki confirmed there were several victims with non life threatening injuries.
“It is thought there were three gunmen shooting into the crowd,” said Ryan Dorsey, a City Council member. No arrests had been made.


Morgan State University Shooting 2023

Police have been blocking off the southern entrance to the university Tuesday evening as a police helicopter circled overhead.

The shooting happened during a week of school activities prior to Saturday’s homecoming game. Mister and Miss Morgan State’s coronation was to take place Tuesday evening in the Murphy Fine Arts Centre, among the places the school has directed people to avoid.

Glenmore Blackwood arrived at the university after hearing from his son, a senior who informed him the shooting took place just as celebrations for the coronation were concluding.


Morgan State University Shooting 2023

His son was sheltering in place in the auditorium, Blackwood noted. He sang during the ceremony and afterward planned to carry out a prayer service.

“That is my son. “he’ll make sure I know he will be OK,” said Blackwood. “It’s just sad.” They were doing something positive, an event to spread positivity, and all of this negativeness happens. ” Ish Sargent, 20, said she as well as her friends came out to hear the helicopter. They saw no gunshots. Sargent said she generally does not worry about the gun violence in the area.

“At a school however, that is crazy,” she said. “People are just shooting out here.” The college, which has an enrollment of more or less 9,000 students, was established as the Centenary Biblical Institute in 1867 with the original objective of preparing people for ministry, based on its website. It relocated to its present location in northeast Baltimore in 1917, and was bought in 1939 by the state of Maryland because it wanted to offer a lot more opportunities for Black people.


Morgan State University Shooting 2023


The Reaction


The incident brought about widespread anger and concern worldwide. The safety measures put in place for the public and politicians are questioned by numerous individuals. The Hearties, a committed fanbase of the show “When Calls the Heart” that Cuellar is a component of, expressed their shock in addition to concern with the incident.


Conclusion: Morgan State University Shooting


The Morgan State University shooting can serve as a sharp reminder of the growing crime in Baltimore. It demands improved security measures and a concerted attempt to curb crime in the city. ” Many hope for a swift justice and a safer world as the investigation proceeds.


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