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Kraken 11 Seattle’s Top 10 Players

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Kraken 11: The Seattle Kraken happen to be among the new teams in the NHL, having made their debut in the season 2021-22. Despite this the team has rapidly become a formidable team in league. Talented players on the roster would be just one of the primary reasons they’ve succeeded.

We will examine the contributions of over 10 important Kraken players in this document, displaying their roles in the team’s success.

1. Yanni Gourde

Kraken 11

Speedy, offensive and physical, Yanni Gourde is a very skilled two-way forward. The Kraken traded him to the Tampa Bay Lightning and he’s been an invaluable addition to the team. Gourde is famous for his keen hockey spotting and ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

He constantly finds himself in the right spot at the right moment, making him a regular threat on the ice. Gourde could disrupt the offensive rhythm of the opponent because of his physicality and speed, making him a good penalty killer.

2. Jaden Schwartz

Kraken 11

The Kraken 11 also depend a lot on Jaden Schwartz as an offensive force. Schwartz joins the team having NHL experience after being traded to them by St. Louis Blues. He’s famous for his fast and precise shot and sharpness on the ice as well. Schwartz regularly hits the back of the net and accumulates incredible goal and assist stats.

He can shut down the best players of the opposing team while simultaneously offering scoring opportunities for his team, making him a formidable two way player. Schwartz is a highly valuable Kraken asset because of his versatility as well as ability to make contributions on both defensive and offensive sides.

3. Mark Giordano

Mark Giordano, a defenseman with leadership and defensive ability, is a famous figure. The Kraken 11 obtained him from the Flames in a trade and he brings an extensive amount of NHL experience with him. Giordano is a huge figure on the ice, utilizing his knowledge and skating prowess to avoid offensive opportunities coming from the opposing team.

He’s famous for his power play quarterbacking ability, where he utilizes his vision as well as passing capabilities to create scoring opportunities for teammates. The success of the Kraken 11 penalty kill has been mostly because of Giordano’s leadership as well as defensive capabilities.

4. Calle Jarnkrok

Kraken 11

Cale Jarnkrok can play in both center and wing roles and is a versatile forward. The Kraken obtained him from the Nashville Predators in a trade and he’s become an invaluable player for the club. Jarnkrok is recognized for his effective skating skill, which enables him to keep pace with the current in the sport.

He’s a skillful playmaker who can create exact passes and locate open teammates. Jarnkrok is an invaluable member of the Kraken forward corps because of his versatility as well as offensive ability.

5. Philipp Grubauer

kraken 11

Philipp Grubauer is the team’s first goaltender and continues to be a core of the Kraken’s defensive unit. Grubauer was acquired by Colorado Avalanche and continues to be among the league’s best goaltenders in every season. He’s renowned for his swift glove hand as well as ability to read the play.

Grubauer continues to be the foundation of the Kraken’s defensive structure, constantly keeping his team in games and stealing victories. The Kraken 11 have depended on his strong goaltending performances this season.

6. Brandon Tanev

Kraken 11

Brandon Tanev, a flexible forward, is renowned for his athletic game and unwavering passing ability. The Kraken got him from the Winnipeg Jets in a trade and he carries a reputation to be a tough player. Tanev is really a nightmare for defencemen on account of his physicality as well as unstoppable pursuit of the puck.

He’s a proficient defensive forward and penalty killer who can easily shut down the top players of the opposing team. The Kraken has relied upon Tanev for defensive prowess and physical presence in winning fights around the boards in addition to in front of the net.

7. Jamie Oleksiak 

Kraken 11

Defenceman Jamie Oleksiak is notable because of his size as well as physical appearance. He has been purchased by the Kraken 11 in a swap with the Dallas Stars and also he has a great deal of NHL experience.

Oleksiak stands out on the ice, exploiting his size and power to annoy opponents and also free up room for his teammates. He also can skate well and move the puck up ice effectively. Oleksiak’s physical strength and defensive skills have been invaluable on the Kraken’s blue line.

8. Carson Soucy Jr.

Kraken 11

Carson Soucy is a defenseman noted for his offensive production from the blue line. The Kraken 11 obtained him from the Minnesota Wild in a trade and he has a history of being dependable on defense. Out of the blue line, Soucy regularly offers offense by utilizing his size and skating prowess to create scoring opportunities.

He’s a skillful penalty killer who can utilize his speed as well as blocking abilities to interrupt the power play of his opponent. Soucy contributes defensively and offensively and is a highly valued member of the Kraken blue line.

9. Again: Yanni Gourde

An additional mention on this particular list must go to Yanni Gourde, who has played a crucial part in the Kraken’s progress. He adds versatility, offensive skill set and defensive awareness to the team making him a valuable player.

Gourde is a nightmare to matchup against since he can contribute on both defensive and offensive levels. He constantly finds himself in critical situations – scoring goals, creating scoring opportunities or even blocking the best players of the opposition team. Gourde is a crucial member of the Kraken due to his constant production and general play.

10. Jordan Eberle

Kraken 11

Jordan Eberle is a seasoned left winger that can score points. Eberle was acquired by the New York Islanders in a trade and is a consistently effective defensive player in the league. His fast release along with precise shot make him a continual danger to goaltenders.

Eberle continues to be a crucial component of the Kraken 11 offensive success by regularly finding the back of the net. He’s also a good two – way player who can make contributions on both ends of ice. Eberle’s overall play and offensive production make him an invaluable asset to the Kraken 11 forward corps.

Conclusion (Kraken 11)

The Seattle Kraken’s success has been fueled by the great play of a lot of their players. The players referred to previously would be just a sample of those who have contributed considerably to the team’s progress. The Kraken possess the ability to stay competitive in the NHL for a long time thanks to their mix of veteran talent as well as youthful rising stars.

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