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Jim Harbaugh Record at Michigan by Year : A Complete Look

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Jim Harbaugh Record at Michigan by Year: Jim Harbaugh is an ex NFL quarterback turned successful college football coach. In 2015, he went back to the University of Michigan, where he’d formerly coached at the University of California at San Diego, Stanford University and also the 49ers of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jim Harbaugh record at Michigan by year

High hopes have been set when Harbaugh returned to the Wolverines hoping he could return the program to its earlier glory days. This blog post will examine Jim Harbaugh’s record at Michigan year by year, against the top 25 teams, college and NFL records, salary, and history against Michigan’s greatest rival Ohio State.

What had been the date that Jim Harbaugh started coaching at Michigan?

The Michigan Wolverines hired Jim Harbaugh as their head coach in December 2014. He started his tenure with lots of fanfare as Wolverines supporters aspired to restore order following a string of unsatisfactory seasons. Harbaugh got the team to the Citrus Bowl after going 10 – 3 within his very first year. The prior year’s record of 5-7 was an enormous improvement. Since then Harbaugh has coach Michigan and is getting into his sixth season as head coach.

Jim Harbaugh record versus top 25 teams

Jim Harbaugh record at Michigan by year

Jim Harbaugh has played against numerous top ten teams throughout his time at Michigan. Even though he’s had several victories, his general record against top ranked opponents is fairly subpar. Harbaugh boasts of a 4-13 record against top 25 teams to date, with his very best victory coming against eighth ranked Wisconsin in 2019. The fact that he’s not defeated Ohio State, the team’s most formidable competitor, has definitely contributed to the criticism he’s endured through the years.

Jim Harbaugh college record

Jim Harbaugh had formerly coached at the Universities of San Diego and Stanford before taking over at Michigan. Harbaugh went 29 – 6 over three seasons with San Diego. He turned around the team at Stanford, where the staff went 12-1 in his 4th season and also won the Orange Bowl at Virginia Tech. Harbaugh boasts of a respectable college coaching track record of 85-38 overall. (Jim Harbaugh Record at Michigan by Year)

Jim Harbaugh salary

Given his experience, it’s not really a shock that Jim Harbaugh is among the highest paid coaches in college football. Based on USA Today’s 2020 coaching salary database, Harbaugh’s salary is USD 8,036,179 a season. He is today the country’s sixth most paid coach. Regardless of several critics pointing out his extremely excessive salary following his struggles against top 25 teams, it is obvious that Michigan is willing to put its money where its mouth would be in terms of its football program.

Jim Harbaugh record at Michigan vs. Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh record at Michigan by year

Jim Harbaugh’s failure to defeat Ohio State is a significant criticism of his time at Michigan. Harbaugh hasn’t defeated the Buckeyes since his appearance at Michigan in 2015, though certain games have been closer compared to others. Ohio State is now victorious in all eight contests between the two teams recently. For Michigan – based fans, this is especially disappointing since beating Ohio State is considered one of the main goals of the season. (Jim Harbaugh Record at Michigan by Year)

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Was Jim Harbaugh an NFL player?

Jim Harbaugh played fifteen years as wide receiver in the NFL prior to being a coach. The Chicago Bears selected him in the very first round in the 1987 draft and he played for several teams all through his career – the Indianapolis Colts, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Diego Chargers – and Carolina Panthers -. Throughout his career he made a single Pro Bowl appearance as well as coached the Colts to an AFC Championship in 1995.

Jim Harbaugh NFL coach

Jim Harbaugh record at Michigan by year

Jim Harbaugh became a coach right after quitting playing and rapidly attained success. He started his career training quarterbacks for the Oakland Raider before being a mentor at University of San Diego. He later worked as a coach at Stanford University and also attained good results with the system prior to going on to the NFL to manage the San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh finished 44 – 19 – 1 in four years together with the 49ers and helped them get a Super Bowl berth in 2012. In 2015, he resumed coaching college football at Michigan.

Conclusion (Jim Harbaugh Record at Michigan by Year)

College students have for a long time debated about Jim Harbaugh’s performance at Michigan. Even with his achievements, his failure to defeat top 25 teams as well as his failure to beat Ohio State have drawn criticism. Michigan definitely has a stake in Harbaugh and will pay him a top salary to repair the program, it appears. The future of Harbaugh and Michigan remains uncertain, but one thing is sure : The failure or success of the team will remain under close scrutiny.

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