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Interesting Facts of the Solar System

Our solar system consists of eight planets and all these have their unique characters and features. It’s a very fascinating and mysterious system that always creates curiosity among the students and scientists to explore it more and more.

Here are a few interesting facts about the solar system:


This calculation is based on evidence such as radiometric parameters, oldest rock ageing, etc. 


  • Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System; it is so massive that Earth could fit within it nearly 1,300 times!

If 1300 earths are combined, then the volume of Jupiter is fulfilled. Jupiter contains hydrogen and helium in it. 


  • Earth is now the only planet known to possess live organisms – However, scientists are still looking!

The earth’s conditions, like water, and temperature, give sustainability to living organisms. Along with this, scientists are also looking at other celestial bodies for life.


  • Although far from the sun than Mercury, Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun in the daytime, its temperature goes up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and cooler at night. This becomes a very interesting fact of the solar system. 


  • The Moon has no atmosphere, Hence there are no wind blowing’s over its surface.

The moon’s atmosphere consists of gases like helium, argon, nitrogen, etc,  but there is no air, so no weather exists. 

But on Earth, the wind is caused by the movement of the Earth, the sun’s heat, and by various trophical layers. 

the moon in space

  • Mars has the biggest volcano.

Mars is known as the “Red Planet”, as it appears reddish. Its surface contains volcanoes.


  • The Sun constitutes 99.8% of the total mass in the Solar System.


The sun is a massive ball of heat and ionized gas, accounting for 99.8 percent of the solar system’s total mass alone. 

The gravitational force on the sun keeps the planets in their orbit and revolves around it actively and effectively. 

The Sun provides energy to live bodies on the earth.


  • Uranus’ atmosphere is the coldest in the Solar System.

The distance between the sun and the Uranium planet is about 1.8 billion miles. This distance limits the heat energy to reach this planet’s surface. 


  • Pluto is a dwarf planet now.

Pluto was the 9th planet in the solar system. But in 2006, it was classified as a “Dwarf Planet” by the International Astronomical Union. 


  • A day on Mercury is twice as long as a year.

The day in mercury is defined by its rotation and orbit. 

Mercury has slow rotation on its axis as compared to its orbits around the sun. thus results in a longer time than a year. 


  • Gamma-ray bursts can produce more energy in 10 seconds than our Sun does in its whole lifetime.

Gamma rays are very powerful and are classified into long burst time and short burst time duration. 

This produces electromagnetic radiation. 


  • If Jupiter’s magnetic field could be seen, it would be larger than the Moon.

Jumper’s magnetic fields make it presentable bigger than the actual one. If seen from the naked eye, it looks bigger than the moon. 

Jupiter’s magnetic field is 14 times stronger than the Earth’s and helps to maintain rotational movement and all. 



  • Every year, the Moon gets further away.

A concept is known as lunar recession, where the moon is going away from the earth slowly. This is due to tidal forces, which lead to angular movement. 


  • Moons exist on the smallest bodies.

These moons are known as moonlets, but they are a major part of the celestial system. 


  • The ring of Saturn is made up of ice and water.

The Saturn ring gives a visual appearance and is composed of water and ice with particles of dust and rock debris.


These are interesting facts about the solar system. This shows how our solar planet or solar system is vast and fascinating, how a nearby planet of the sun is not so hot, but the next one is. This creates courtesy among science students and scientists.

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