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Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

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Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change: The U.S. presidential election in 2024 is likely to have an important effect on the worldwide efforts to fight climate change. The results of the election will decide if the U.S. will go on to uphold its commitments under the Paris Agreement, or quit the global cooperation and follow a fossil fuel-driven agenda.

Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

The Paris Agreement, that had been signed in 2015, sets a cap on global average temperature rise to well below 2′ C above pre-industrial levels and pursues initiatives to limit it to 1.5′ C. Additionally it requires that nations submit their nationally determined contributions (NDCs), which would be the plans as well as measures to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and adjust to the effects of climate change.

Intentions and Paris Agreement

The U.S. is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the planet, after China, and its membership in the Paris Agreement is essential because of its success. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. promised to bring down its emissions down by 26 – 28 % below 2005 levels by 2025, and to provide technical and financial assistance to developing nations. Nevertheless, under the Trump administration, the U.S. announced its intention to withdraw from the agreement, and rolled back a lot of the green policies and regulations which were put into action to attain the emission reduction goals.

Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

The Biden administration, which came into office in 2021, reversed the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and also joined it on the very first day of its term. The Biden administration also unveiled an ambitious strategy to attain net zero emissions by 2050, and to lower emissions by 50-52 % below 2005 levels by 2030. The plan consists of investing in innovation, transportation, infrastructure, and clean energy, along with restoring the U.S. leadership as well as reputation on the global stage.

Policies of Democrats and Republicans on Climate Change

The 2024 presidential election is going to be a crucial moment for the future of the U.S. climate policy, and also the fate of the world. In case the Democratic candidate wins, the U.S. will most likely continue to put into action as well as enhance its climate actions, and work with various other countries to attain the objectives of the Paris Agreement. If the Republican candidate wins, particularly if it’s Donald Trump or even one of his friends, the U.S. will probably withdraw from the agreement once again, and continue its fossil fuel based development, which could increase its emissions and weaken the worldwide efforts to restrict the temperature rise.

Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

Based on the independent research company Lux Research, by 2024, Trump’ s proposed policies which will improve U.S. co2 emissions by 16%. Hillary Clinton, who aimed to always keep the Obama administration’s goal of lowering emissions approximately 30% relative to 2005 levels by 2025. The incoming United Nations climate chief warned that a victory by Trump or some additional Republican allies of the fossil fuel industry in the 2024 U.S. presidential election will stand for a fatal setback for attempts to restrict climate change to 1.5′ C by the end of the century.

Conclusion: Impact of US Presidential Election 2024 on Climate Change

The 2024 U.S. presidential election might prove to be the most crucial in the nation’s battle against climate change. The stakes are high, not just for the U.S., but for the entire world. The choice in between the candidates will determine the path as well as speed of the worldwide move to a low carbon economic system as well as the degree of danger as well as vulnerability which humanity will encounter from the effects of climate change. The choice of the electorate is going to determine the fate of the planet.

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