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How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

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How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues? Following are some ways that can help you resolve the installation issues in a simple manner.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

1. You will have to update the graphics card drivers

Occasionally Path of Exile will crash and provide you with a not able to render water error message. Your graphics card generally does this as it does not support the game requires particular technologies.

To address this, you need to obtain the most recent drivers for your graphics card and install them manually.

A quick way to do it is to make use of a third party driver updater, and among the best available is a program program known as Outbyte Driver Updater.

The program itself is simple to use, portable and easy to scan. all you have to do is launch it and permit it to scan your PC.

Not only does it update your older drivers, additionally, it scans your whole system and compares your drivers to existing databases to locate and repair any issues.

Download Outbyte Driver Updater ”

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

2.  You can run the Pack Check or verify integrity of the game cache

Visit the installation directory of Path of Exile. It ought to be, by default, like this :

C: GamesPath of Exile Program FilesGrinding Gear GamesPath of Exile.
Right-click on PackCheck.exe and choose Run as a user.
Any corrupted files will be scanned as well as supplanted by Pack Check. This can take some time, so you have to be patient.
Begin the game once once again when the process is finished.
Users have pointed out that Path of Exile crashes giving them an error message that The protocol is of date. To fix that, you may need to perform Pack Check.




Confirm the integrity of your game cache when you make use of the Steam version. Follow these steps to do this :

Start Steam and search for Path of Exile within the library.
From the menu, just right – click it and pick Properties.
Right click on the Local files page and after that click on the Verify the integrity of the game cache button.
verify-steam This procedure may take some time so you will need to be patient.
Try running the game again after the process is completed.

In case the issue continues, you might need to reinstall the game to fix it.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

3. Eliminate all additional language profiles and change your keyboard to the US / UK English profile.

Within the Taskbar, click ENG (the language you’re utilizing may be completely different than English).
Pick English from the list.
Furthermore, you are able to easily switch between languages by pressing the Alt Shift Key or the Windows Key Space Key on your computer keyboard.
Keyboard: English keyboard

On Windows 10, if you use another language profile compared to the US or UK English keyboard profile, the Path of Exile GAME will crash.

You need to review and test.



We’ve worked for the last six months on creating a new review system about how we create content. Utilizing it, we’ve subsequently redone nearly all of our articles to make sure that we are delivering genuine hands on expertise for the guides we produced.

You can discover exactly how we rate, test, and rate everything at WindowsReport.

If that does not work for you, you might wish to temporarily eliminate any non-English keyboard profiles.

Follow these steps to do this :

Select ENG from the Taskbar and after that click the Language preference button.
language-preferences Language and Time window is going to open. Find non-English language, click it, and select Remove.
remove-language Repeat the procedure for all non-English languages.
It is possible to Add all non-English languages by clicking on the add a language button once you remove them.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

4. Reinstall DirectX and be sure you make use of the dedicated graphics card.

Be sure you’re making use of your dedicated graphics card, in case you have both a separate and an integrated graphics card, or the Path of Exile may crash.

In addition, in case you discover a production _ config.ini file inside your Documents / My Games / Path of Exile folder, delete it.

Check to find out in case you have the newest DirectX version installed in case you still have this issue. In case the issue persists, you might need to reinstall the game.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

5. You can try lowering the Texture Quality also add -gc two parameter.

Right-click on the shortcut Path of Exile.
In the menu, pick Properties.
Choose the Shortcut tab and after that go down to the Target section.
Within the Target section add -gc two following the quotes.
Like what happens inside your target section, your target ought to be similar:
C: Gc2 Program FilesGrinding Gear GamesPath of Exilepathofexile.exe ”
Do not alter anything in between the quotes, simply add -gc2 and save your modifications.
A number of users have stated that Path of Exile crashes providing them with the error EOUTOFMEMORY and Not able to Map File or even Not able to MapViewOfFile.



The primary reason for this crash is a lack of RAM memory in 32 bit Windows operating systems. Simply because the game Path of Exile is extremely challenging, you have to have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM to be able to enjoy it right.

A number of users have mentioned that decreasing the Texture Quality does resolve this problem, but after time Path of Exile might crash once again.

Experiment with starting the game using the parameter -gc 2 in case the issue continues.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

6. Try Editing production_config.ini file

Go to this spot :
Path of Exile / Documents / My Games
There’s a file known as production _ config.ini that ought to be located there.
Using Notepad, open the file production _ config.ini.
Locate texture_quality=1 and alter it to texture_quality=2.
Save the changes.



As we mentioned previously, Path of Exile can crash because of the Texture Quality setting, and also you are able to alter this particular setting by altering the production_config.ini file.

Also keep in mind that it may be tougher to see particular enemy spells if you set this setting, because it is going to make it more difficult to do so.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

7. Update the audio card drivers on your system.

A number of individuals have noted that Path of Exile crashes when using particular sound cards such as Creative, of course , in case you have this issue you must use the -softwareaudio parameter.

You may use the -nosound parameter as an alternative if the -softwareaudio parameter does not fix this issue. This particular setting deactivates all sounds, however the Path of Exile will no longer crash.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

In Solution 4 we’ve already discussed how you can add parameters, so make sure you do that.

To update your sound card drivers is generally suggested prior to adding any parameters, because this could be fixed by updating the drivers.

It really is much better to do it manually if you do not have the skill or the time to look for the very best driver versions. New drivers are required for your computer to function properly since they’re essential for a few of your system functions.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?

Issues with Path of Exile installation

1 – Fix it very easily. Copy Path of Exile directories to an alternative location

Once the error message shows up, do not close it and do not click OK.
Switch to the desktop.
You could utilize the Windows Key D shortcut to accomplish this.
You ought to notice the Path of Exile shortcut on your desktop.
Simply click on it and begin downloading.
After you’ve completed downloading, right click on the Path of Exile shortcut and choose Open file location from the selection.
At this point you have to copy the Grinding Gears folder to some other place in your PC.
In order to close the window with the error message, click OK.



A number of users have noted that There’s an issue with this particular windows installer package. A program which had been run as part of setup didn’t finish as anticipated. When somebody attempts to install Path of Exile, get in touch with your support group or even send out a message to the package seller.

You shouldn’t press OK in the start as this is going to delete your Path of Exile files.

Once you move your files to another place, your files are going to be safe, and will not be deleted instantly if you close the error message window.




2. In order to download the game you have to make use of a wired connection.

You have to obtain the drivers for your wireless adapter.
When you’re downloading drivers, be sure you’re downloading the earlier version, not the most recent.
Pick the Device Manager option from the list and hold the Windows Key X button.
In Device Manager, pick the wireless adapter you wish to Uninstall, after which right click it.
Once you uninstall the driver, you have to set up the earlier version of the driver.
Some users have pointed out they’re receiving a packet that is way too big to deserialize messages while attempting to update the game.

They are not able to download the game after getting this particular error, which is an enormous issue for them.

It appears the Wi-Fi driver update would be the root cause of the problem, and the only solution is removing your wireless driver and to set up an older version.

In order to avoid this issue you are able to simply make use of the wired connection in case you do not wish to uninstall the drivers.



3. Make use of administrator privileges to operate the installer.

Find the Path of Exile MSI installer.
Right click the installer and press the Shift key.
In the menu, choose Copy like path.
copy-as-path Press Windows Key X and pick Command Prompt (Admin) coming from the list.
Type msiexec / i in the Command Prompt then use Ctrl V to copy the MSI installer location.
Your command ought to be something such as this : “msiexec / i” “C: The UsersAdminDesktopInstaller.msi file is named UsersAdminDesktopInstaller.msi.

command-prompt-msiexec Remember, this is only our example, so do not copy and paste this particular code, since it won’t work on your computer.
In order to execute the command, press Enter.
In case you’re having issues installing Path of Exile, you may try running the installer with administrator rights.

A number of users have pointed out that the Installation Directory has to be on a local hard drive when attempting to install the game, of course , in case you have this issue you are able to follow the above mentioned steps.




4. Your firewall rules should include Path of Exile as being an exception to the Antivirus software.

Locate the client of Path of Exile.
Right-click it and pick Run as administrator from the list.
Run-as-Administrator Sometimes, while patching the game, the patching stops when it is just about full, and not many files remain outside of the pack.

This may be caused by your anti – Virus or firewall program, so you have to ensure that the Path of Exile client is added to the exception list in your security software program.

In case the inclusion of Path of Exile on the list of exceptions does not help, then you might wish to run the game as administrator. Stick to the above mentioned mentioned steps to accomplish this.

In case the issue still persists, you may wish to copy the Path of Exile installation to another place.




5. Get rid of the Client.exe file

Go to Path to the installation directory of Exile.
It ought to be, by default, like this :
Path of Exile – Program Files / Grinding Gear Games / Path of Exile
Be sure you have Client.tmp file inside that folder.
You need to skip this method in case there is no client.tmp.
Once you have discovered Client.tmp, locate Client.exe, and delete it.
Pick Rename from the menu bar as well as then right – click on Client.tmp.
Replace Client.tmp to Client.exe.
It’s been discovered that Path of Exile provides the users the Couldn’t overwrite executable with brand new patched executable or even the Timed out awaiting the patching process to exit information whenever they attempt to patch the game.

The remedy for this particular issue is easy, and can be found in the game Launcher.

How to fix Path of Exile Installation Issues?


We have covered a number of the typical problems of the Path of Exile, and we hope our solutions have been helpful for you. Refer to them also when you encounter the following problems:

Many customers complain about Path of Exile game disconnecting: Unexpected disconnection error occurs. In case you find yourself in this particular scenario, you have to either upgrade your graphics card drivers or even reinstall DirectX.

Issues with path of Exile Lag can also be very common. Nevertheless, having a frequent update of your sound card drivers can make a huge difference.

Huge FPS drops may be included in the list of Path of Exile FPS problems. In any case, you need to refer to the above mentioned recommendations to verify the integrity of the game cache.

Issues with Path of Exile – Be sure you are not alone In case you encounter issues with your login. If you run a Pack Check, you ought to be able to fix the issue instantly.

Problems with the Path of Exile game display – Reinstalling the game is not the sole option. You may also take a closer look at the above procedures.

Please let us know in the comments if we were able to resolve your issues.

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