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How do I make my PS4 update automatically?

How do I make my PS4 update automatically: Are you fed up with manually updating your PS4 each time a brand-new software version is launched? Imagine the ease of having your console constantly up to date, ready to provide the most recent features along with enhancements.

This blog post will show you the way to ensure your PS4 updates automatically to save effort and time. Let us dive in and unlock the potential of seamless updates!

Why Keeping Your PS4 Updated Matters

How do I make my PS4 update automatically

Just before we move on to the steps, let us briefly clarify why it is vital to update your PS4. Routine updates not only improve performance as well as security for your console but also unlock brand-new features, bug fixes as well as system enhancements. By staying updated, you can ensure the most pleasurable gaming experience and capitalize on the potential of your PS4.

Automatic Updates: How you can create Automatic Updates

Say goodbye to manual updates! Your PS4 can manage the update process for you in case automatic updates are enabled. Observe these steps to configure it:

  1. Power On: Log directly into your account and switch on your PS4.
  2. Go to Settings: Select “Settings” on the home screen by going to the right.
  3. System Software Update: Choose “Automatic Downloads” under “System Software Update.”
  4. Set Automatic Downloads to On: Check out the boxes next to the words “Application Update Files” as well as “System Software Update Files”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully put in place automatic updates on your PS4. Sit down, unwind, and let your console handle the rest. (How do I make my PS4 update automatically)

Configuring Rest Mode with regard to Updates

How do I make my PS4 update automatically

For hassle-free updates, rest mode will be your secret weapon. In case this feature is enabled, your PS4 will download and install updates even in case you aren’t making use of it. How can it be achieved :

  1. Navigate to Settings: From your home screen, navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Settings for Power Save: Continue scrolling down and select “Power Save Settings.”
  3. Set Features Available in Rest Mode: Choose “Set Features Available in Rest Mode.”
  4. Set Automatic Downloads to On: Check out the box beside “Stay Connected to the Internet” along with “Enable Turning On PS4 from the network.
  5. Enable Rest Mode: Return to the previous menu and then select “Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off” to change the rest mode timer based on your preferences.

Rest mode enables your PS4 to stay connected and update automatically while you are away – which means you never ever miss out on new features. (How do I make my PS4 update automatically)

Managing Storage for Updates

Storage could be a problem as updates begin coming in. Stick to these tips to enhance your storage space and effortlessly handle updates:

  • Delete Unused Games as well as Apps: Check your library and uninstall any games or apps that no longer interest you.
  • Game Transfer to External Storage: To free up storage on your PS4 you should think about moving video games to an external hard disk.
  • Automated Uploads to Cloud Storage (Required): Back up your game saves to the cloud to produce additional space for updates.

By dealing with your storage efficiently, you will have ample room for updates and guarantee your PS4 is always prepared for the next gaming adventure.

Typical Update Issues – Troubleshooting

How do I make my PS4 update automatically

Though automatic updates ease the whole process, they do occasionally cause a couple of hiccups. Listed here are some commonly asked questions and their answers :

  • Download speeds are slow: Restart the download to re-start the connection.
  • Messages of Error: Start your PS4 and retry the upgrade. Check for system notifications or error codes in case the issue persists as well as proceed with troubleshooting in case needed.
  • Installation Errors: A steady connection to the internet and adequate free storage space are needed. Try retrying the installation or even doing a system software update.

Check out the official PlayStation support site or contact their customer service in case you continue to experience issues. (How do I make my PS4 update automatically)


Congratulations! You’re now equipped with the expertise to make your PS4 update automatically. Follow the advice in this blog post and you’ll be able to save time, take advantage of the latest features, and have the confidence that your gaming experience is always top-notch. (How do I make my PS4 update automatically)

Automatic updates and rest mode are your allies in keeping in front of the game. So relax as well as let your PS4 handle the rest. You are able to disable auto updates in the Settings menus if you desire greater control over updates later on.

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