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Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

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Has Bill Belichick won without Brady? During the past twenty years, the New England Patriots have been a controversial and dominant force in the NFL. The team won 6 Super Bowl titles under head coach Bill Belichick with quarterback Tom Brady, which makes them among the most excellent coach-quarterback pairings ever.

Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

Since Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, lots of people are wondering in case Belichick’s lasting success was exclusively attributed to his partnership with the upcoming Hall of Fame inductee. This blog post will examine Belichick’s coaching history without Brady, concentrating on his winning seasons and the overall record of the Patriots.

We’ll examine which quarterbacks have attained the best success against Belichick along with the total amount of Super Bowls that Belichick and Brady have jointly won as a dynamic team.

Has Belichick actually won without Brady this season?

Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

Bill Belichick has created a successful season without Tom Brady, and that is definitely true. Brady was hurt in the opening game of the season in 2008, ending his season. The Patriots had been thought by a lot of to have lost their season, however Belichick guided the team to an eleven-5 record with quarterback Matt Cassel at the helm.

Nevertheless, in spite of obtaining a Wild Card spot, the Patriots missed the playoffs because of tiebreakers. Nevertheless, Cassel’s accomplishments under Belichick demonstrated the coach could win using an alternative signal-caller.

What’s the Patriots record without Brady?

Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

The Patriots without Tom Brady haven’t had an especially remarkable record, aside from the 2008 season. The Patriots have lost 6 games without Brady under center and played twenty games without Belichick as their head coach since 2000. (Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?)

The win rate of the team in these games is just 0.300 compared with Brady’s 0.735 win percentage. Regardless of the fact that the team encountered many injuries as well as hardships during the games, Brady’s presence was crucial for their success.

What QB has got the most victories against Bill Belichick?

Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

4 quarterbacks have compiled the most wins over teams coached by Bill Belichick at the start of the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, along with Chad Pennington. Manning has the record for most victories against Belichick with 6 7 records, which includes two playoff victories in the AFC Championship match.

Flacco has two playoff victories against teams headed by Belichick, both of which had been on the road. Pennington and Brees each have 4 victories against Belichick, however Brees is the more regular adversary, going 4-2 against him. (Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?)

What’s the total amount of Super Bowls Belichick and Brady won?

Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have experienced just about the most fruitful partnership in NFL history, obtaining 6 Super Bowls together. The duo participated in nine Super Bowls in total, including three consecutive ones from 2017-2019. (Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?)

Brady won his first three Super Bowls – in 2001, 2003 as well as 2004 – and in addition won in 2014, 2016 as well as 2018. The effect of Belichick as the Patriots head coach cannot be underestimated, though it’s apparent that Brady was obviously a significant contributor to the team’s success as well.


To conclude, although Bill Belichick experienced a winning season with no Tom Brady, his overall record with no quarterback under center isn’t remarkable. The success of the Patriots without Brady is exemplified by their difficulties, which resulted in six Super Bowl titles that Belichick as well as Brady shared together. Belichick’s NFL success isn’t exclusively because of his partnership with Brady, because he’s shown himself to be a skilled coach even without having the upcoming Hall of Famer. (Has Bill Belichick won without Brady?)

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Only time is going to tell whether Belichick can lead the Patriots back to the Super Bowl without his superstar quarterback, but something is for certain: The legacy of Belichick as among the great coaches in NFL history is solidly established, no matter who plays snaps for the Pats.

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