1. What is your fee for photography & cinematography services?
Our basic package for both photography and cinematography starts from INR 2,80,000 + 18% GST.

2. What is the difference between a candid photographer & a traditional photographer?
A candid photographer covers the bride,  groom and their immediate family members at the event, he/she also takes care of the couple and family portraits, getting ready shots of the couple and also covers all the special moments at each event whereas the coverage photographer covers the remaining guests and also takes care of the photo requests from the guests.

3. Are you comfortable with traveling for the events out of Mumbai/India?
Yes, we are. We have covered a lot of destination weddings in all parts of India and a few weddings out of India as well.

4. How do you manage your travel and stay for the events out of Mumbai/India?
Our travel and stay arrangements are always taken care of by the client. For most times, we stay at the venue so that we can avoid any delay and provide our services promptly.

5. What are your charges for a half day event?
We work on a per day basis, when you book us for an event our photographers book themselves for one whole day and they do not take any projects for the same day.

6. Is there a limit on shooting hours?
Yes, our fee includes 10 hour shooting time, this doesn’t include any breaks/delay or commute. If your function goes beyond 10 hours, with prior notice, we do shoot until your function gets over at an additional per hour rate.

7. What are your payment terms?
We take 50% of the total booking amount at the time of booking, balance 10 days after the event.

8. What are the deliverables?
Photography – For a two-day destination wedding we give a minimum of 800 edited pictures. Within 10-15 days we send out a preview of 30-40 images for you to share with your family and friends and within 46-60 days of the wedding, we share an entire lot of edited photos.
Cinematography –  You will receive a 3 to 5 mins trailer, 20 to 25 mins highlight film and entire video footage (unstitched) of all the events. The turnaround time for the trailer is a maximum of three months whereas for the highlight film is six months.

9. Do you publish your work online?
Yes, we do. That’s how you had the chance to stumble upon our work 🙂

10. What is your team size?
Depending on the number of guests, we can suggest the average team size.

11. Do you share unedited pictures?
I’m sorry we don’t. We believe that editing plays an important role and we want our clients to see our vision through the final set of images.

12. Do you share pictures without your watermark?
Yes, we share two sets of pictures, high resolution without and low resolution (web friendly) with the watermark.

13. Do you take aerial pictures?
Yes, we do. The client needs to take prior permissions from the property owners and in case we are shooting at a public property, prior permission is required from the area police.

14. What are the deliverables?
A set of 200 edited pictures for each event, a 3 to 5 mins trailer, 20 to 25 mins highlight film and entire video footage (unstitched) of all the events. Along with that, we give separate full videos for sangeet/interviews etc.

15. Are you hiring?
We are always looking out for fresh and creative talent. If you want to join our team you can email us your portfolio at careers@weddingsalad.com.