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China’s Alarming COVID Experiment 100% Mortality

China’s Alarming COVID Experiment 100% Mortality

China's Alarming COVID Experiment 100% Mortality


In a chilling revelation that has sent shockwaves through the global scientific community, recent reports have come to light regarding China’s experimentation with a new COVID-like virus named GX_P2V. This emerging strain, derived from the GX/2017 lineage initially identified in Malaysian pangolins, is causing widespread concern due to its alleged association with a “mortality rate of 100 percent” in mice.I found a news article on MSN that reports Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant COVID strain that has a 100% mortality rate in mice 1

As the world continues to grapple with the lingering aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of new virus variants, the unveiling of GX_P2V adds a new layer of complexity and urgency to ongoing discussions about viral research, safety protocols, and global biosecurity.

Origin and Evolution

China's Alarming COVID Experiment 100% MortalityGX_P2V traces its origins back to pangolins in Malaysia in 2017, evolving in a Beijing lab. The study lacks clarity on when the research was conducted, prompting concerns about potential mutations during storage. The strain is a cause for alarm due to its rapid impact on genetically-modified mice with human-like genetic structures.…volution-in-2024/

Lethal Impact on Mice

The pre-print study, published in bioRxiv, reveals alarming details about the virus’s effects on mice. GX_P2V demonstrated a lethal impact, leading to rapid deterioration and death within eight days. The virus targeted multiple organs, including the brain, raising concerns about its potential impact on human health.

Spillover Risk and Biosafety Concerns

Authors of the study underscore a potential spillover risk into humans. High viral loads detected in various organs, coupled with a unique infection pattern, raise questions about the biosafety measures implemented during the research. The study’s findings emphasize the need for stringent safety protocols when dealing with potentially hazardous viruses.

Scientific Criticism

China's Alarming COVID Experiment 100% MortalityNotable criticism comes from Professor Francois Balloux of University College London, who deems the study scientifically pointless and potentially risky. The necessity and ethical considerations of conducting experiments with such high-risk viruses are under scrutiny, as concerns are raised about the overall safety of these endeavors.

Timeline Uncertainties and Global Repercussions


The lack of specificity regarding the timeline of the research introduces uncertainties about potential mutations during storage. This revelation comes at a time when the world is already grappling with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, reigniting discussions about the origin of the virus and the safety of high-risk experiments.

The international community responds to this revelation with heightened vigilance, calling for increased scrutiny and stringent biosecurity measures in laboratories worldwide. The incident raises questions about the adequacy of existing regulations and the imperative to establish global standards for conducting experiments involving potentially hazardous pathogens.


As the scientific community navigates the implications of GX_P2V, ethical considerations and the importance of stringent biosafety measures come to the forefront. The experiment raises questions about the necessity of conducting such studies and the potential risks they pose.

With global attention now focused on this latest development, there is a pressing need for transparency, accountability, and a thorough examination of the potential consequences associated with experimenting with novel and potentially deadly viruses. The world watches with bated breath as the scientific community deliberates on the broader implications of China’s GX_P2V experiment.


Q1: Does GX_P2V pose a direct threat to humans?

The study raises concerns about a potential spillover risk into humans, but the results do not provide clarity on the virus’s impact on human beings.

Q2: When was the research conducted, and how secure were the biosafety measures?

The study does not specify the research timeline, raising uncertainties about potential mutations during storage. Questions about biosafety measures during the research are being scrutinized.

Q3: Is there a connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

 While unrelated, the study reignites discussions about the safety of experimenting with viruses and raises questions about the origin of COVID-19.

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