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How Important is Alt Text for SEO

As we know Alt text tells the algorithm about what is the content of that image with a specific text. 

Alt text plays a very important role in Google image search results and also helps to make our content SEO-friendly. In this exclusive guide, we are going to learn a few importance of alt text for SEO.

image searches

Alt text allows us to make an alternative version of text for that image. It is also known as HTML image attributes, taking on roles; when the image is not loaded or due to network or technical issues. 

Alt text is also known as alt attributes or alt descriptions.


Important Factors of Alt Text for SEO

Image optimization is vital to make a Google-friendly image with an HTML element named – Alt text, as it helps to understand the image better. 

Here are a few important factors of Alt text for SEO – 


Be Descriptive and Relevant

While inserting an image on any website, we must be sure about that image and our intention to post that image in that article or blog. 

While writing the image alt text, make it relevant to that image content and the description must be accurate based on the context of that image.

The relevancy and description contain that target keyword. 


Keep it Concise

The image alt text for SEO must be to the point and clear, providing enough information.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing

We must be sure to keep that image alt text effective and avoid keyword stuffing,  and that must look natural and provide value to users.


Use Natural Language

While curating the alt text for SEO, we must use natural language that helps the users to understand it properly. 

This alt text helps to boost user experience and try to put that keyword, in the beginning, to make it available for search engines and users.


Unique Alt Text for Each Image

Assume that your article contains 3 to 4 images, and you are using the same alt text in each image, this will decrease the SEO efforts of that page.

Every image must contain unique and relevant alt text so that it reflects in Google image search results. 

Alt text in any image provides much information about that image and if any visually impaired person visits your page, he or she must understand the context of that image easily. 


Image File Names

Before uploading images, we ensure the name of that image is updated and relevant to that image, as this helps algorithms understand the image better in their space. 


How Image Alt Text Affects Organic Search Rankings?


Alt text gives better image description and context to the search engine crawlers and also helps them rank and index that image effectively. 

google image search

Sometimes, images will not load completely, then this alt text comes in the role and presents that same image in text format, which immediately helps the user to understand that image properly.


Does Alt text bring Traffic?

Yes, alt text enhances the image in Google Image search results and lists your images in Google Images or image packs.

So proper and relevant alt text in any image boosts the performance of that blog or article and also boosts sales and traffic. So make it as per rules and regulations from Google search.


Hence,  alt text for SEO is important and, keep in mind while image optimization. The context of the image inside the content, its quality and relevancy, and the user experience as a whole are some of the other aspects that affect how photos rank in search results.


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