Meet Aayushi Sachdeva

Born to an entrepreneurial father in Ludhiana, Aayushi’s first stint with the camera started very young. She created a short video on her father’s handy-cam for a school project, and there was no looking back. She went on to study at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, and got herself a stint at Ola cabs shortly after. However, in due course of time, a photo project helped her realize where her true passion lay. That’s when The Wedding Salad was born.

Today, Aayushi handles Social Media Marketing and Strategy for The Wedding Salad.


Meet Kanishka Sonthalia

Kanishka was born into a large family, with four siblings and parents. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she eventually pursued her studies in MIT Institute of Design, in Pune. She went on to work in a design studio post her graduation, but some incredible work done by photojournalists caught her eye. This was her penny-drop moment. She realized where her true passion lay, and that is when The Wedding Salad was conceived.

Today, Kanishka handles Client Acquisition and Retention for The Wedding Salad.


Founded in 2012, The Wedding Salad has grown from a wedding present to a collaborative photo venture, spanning India. Having photographed 75+ weddings, and traversing across the country covering the best moments weddings have to offer.


The Wedding Salad now features in the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in India.

Our portfolio includes a range of wedding moments. While our forte lies in candid photography, we also cover save-the-dates, pre-bridal shoots, engagement photography, pre-and-post wedding shoots, traditional photography, as well as customizable albums.
It’s like we said – a wedding a so much more than colours and fun. It’s the billion tiny moments that together make up the essence of an Indian wedding, that are the most powerful. And that’s what we aim to deliver.




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