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A SINGsational Journey

A SINGsational Journey 

A SINGsational Journey 

Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus in collaboration with SHS HDJ Parent’s Association has a musical performance, “A SINGsational Journey”. This show is an incredible musical production which brings the timeless and enchanting melodies of various musicals together. This show is an exciting adventure through some of the most famous stages and animated movies in entertainment history, with show-stopping and heartwarming tunes. The audience can expect a spectacular showcase featuring a medley of timeless classics as well as show tunes, skillfully woven to produce a seamless, enchanting narrative.

This particular production is a harmonious merging of two worlds, from the magnificence of Broadway’s theatrical masterpieces to the magic of fairytale – animated adventures, taking the observer to the realms of creativity.The musical journey is for most students nowadays an outlet being creative, to escape from screen time and produce a diversion which may help their mental health, well being as well as entertainment.

The Vision: Creating an Inspiring Musical Journey

This particular project was conceptualized at one of the sessions of the Parent’s Association. Additionally they pointed out the importance of extracurricular activities for students, particularly after they had been locked down at home throughout the pandemic. These students needed some exposure as well as a distraction from their devices following 2 years of internet classes. This particular show is led by a genuinely outstanding Creative Director, Mr Rudy Aviles.

He’s among the foundations of the theatre scene of Cebu along with a respected local director. His team of choreographers, light designer, graphic designer, musical arranger, and musical director is going to create an excellent musical show, featuring the talented pupils of the Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus.

The Evolution of Theatrical Productions at Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus

A SINGsational Journey enables students to see various facets of the theater in a new and exciting manner, which many of them have not encountered before. These students not only develop musical abilities but they also acquire confidence in various other areas such as communicating with other people, abilities in dancing and an overall sense of confidence in yourself. This particular Musical includes songs from various Musical productions which are appropriate for the age groups of the students, offering an immersive experience such as no other.

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It takes time and energy to prepare a presentation, but the experience is able to improve a student’s confidence and self-esteem. SINGsational Journeys provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce students to various aspects of life, not only academic or sports, but also the performing arts. Promoting holistic growth within the school more.

The Impact of Theater on Student Growth and Development

Just once upon a time, the Sacred Heart School — Hijas de Jesus was extremely productive in exposing their students to the arts of theatre. The school held its Annual Christmas presentation under the guidance of Ms Gemma Faye Abos. The performances consist of songs from well known musicals such as Annie, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, West Side Story and many others.

Additionally, students performed medleys of ABBA, Beatles and Beegees tunes. A notable performance which the school experienced was the “Flower Drum Song” directed by the late Allan Jayme Rabaya. Casts include pupils from Sacred Heart School for Boys as well as the Sacred Heart School for Girls. Many of them now are the parents of students in the Sacred Heart Hijas de Jesus. ‎

A Legacy of Theatrical Excellence: Past Productions and Directors

A SINGsational Journey 

Under the direction of Ms Gemma Faye Abos, there was also a play called “Granny Goose Nursery Rhymes as well as Hansel as well as Gretel.” Fast Forward, to the most current productions of SHS HDJ, the school had “Let’s Go to the Movies” in the year 2007 directed by Benjie Diola, “13 Daughters” in the year 2010 still directed by Benjie Diola as well as “Mulan” in 2017 directed by Mr. Allan Nazareno to mark the 60th Anniversary of Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus as being an independent College.I found a Catholic school named Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus located in Cebu City, Philippines 12. It was founded in 1957 by Fr. Paul O’Brien S.J. and started as an all-girls school 2.

Experience “A SINGsational Journey”: Show Details and Ticket Information

In January 2024, allow the voices of our own students of SHS – HDJ , more take you to a musical travelogue in January 13, 2024 and January 14, 2024 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium, Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus. On Jan 13 there will be two shows, the Matinee show begins at 3: 00. 30PM and Gala show begins at 7: 00PM. There’ll also be 2 more.Jan 14, Matinee show begins at 3: 00. 30PM and Gala show begins at 7: 00PM. The prices for tickets are the following :

The Matinee Show: Reservation Seats – 800, Orchestra Seats – 650, Balcony Seats – 400, VIP Reserved Seats – 800

A SINGsational Journey

The gala Show: Dedicated seats : thousand, Orchestra Seats – 800, Balcony Seats – 500 . The musical journey is for most students nowadays an outlet being creative, to escape from screen time and produce a diversion which may help their mental health, well being as well as entertainment. It encourages creativity and camaraderie amongst students and beyond entertainment. a SINGsational Journey offers an essential place for students to express themselves, create lifelong friendships and develop A love for the arts which last forever.


“A SINGsational Journey” stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus towards fostering holistic student development through the arts. This remarkable musical production, curated under the guidance of the Parent’s Association and the adept leadership of Creative Director Mr. Rudy Aviles, not only showcases the talents of the students but also underscores the significance of extracurricular activities in nurturing confidence, creativity, and interpersonal skills.The rich history of theatrical endeavors at Sacred Heart School, from previous Christmas presentations to iconic plays and musicals, demonstrates a longstanding tradition of celebrating the performing arts. This upcoming showcase serves as a bridge between the school’s illustrious past and its ongoing dedication to providing students with diverse avenues for self-expression and personal growth.

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