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New Album 8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds

On October 6, 2023, Drake unveiled his eighth studio album entitled 8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds. Drake has received mixed reviews for the album, with some praising its lyrical skill and output, while other people have criticized its lack of experimentation and innovation.


8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds


8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds


The album


The 16-track 8 AM in Charlotte album is a hybrid of hip hop, rap, R and; B as well as pop music. The album includes a few guest appearances, which includes 21 Savage, Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby, and Rihanna.

Drake’s album title track “8 AM in Charlotte” is a reflective track concerning his rise to fame and the difficulties he’s come across in the process. Drake is a sign of strength and tenacity in this song.

“Losses,” which includes 21 Savage, is also an outstanding track on this particular album. The track is a brooding and gloomy tribute to the tragedies that Drake and his buddy rapper 21 Savage have endured in their lives. The song is a moving and powerful composition of music.


8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds


Many upbeat as well as catchy tunes are included on the album, including “Way 2 Sexy” and “Lemonade.” These songs are certain to turn into hits both on the clubs and the radio.

Overall, 8 AM in Charlotte is an excellent album by Drake. Despite not being his greatest album, it nonetheless includes several standout tracks. Fans of Drake’s earlier music will probably enjoy this album.


What the critics are saying


The critics have become divided on 8 AM in Charlotte. Drake is praised by some critics for his lyrical skill as well as output, while other people have criticized the album for not having development as well as experimentation. ”

Drake’s song “8 AM in Charlotte” is likely to end up in his upcoming album. The song was received very well by both fans and critics. Based on an evaluation on Album of The entire year, Drake graduates to a higher level of corny in what’s astonishingly still an excellent song. It is no’ 6PM In New York’ (my favorite), though it continues to be a fascinating addition to the timestamp series.

The album received a 4 / 5 star review from Rolling Stone magazine, which stated that “Drake remains one of the top – notch rappers in the game, with 8 AM in Charlotte being an excellent album that will satisfy his fans.”


8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds


Pitchfork Magazine gave the album a 6.5 from ten review, saying that “Drake is playing it safe on 8 AM in Charlotte, but he remains among the best rappers alive.”


Conclusion: 8 AM in Charlotte by Drake Heralds


Drake’s eighth studio album, 8 AM in Charlotte, is an excellent album with a few excellent songs. Despite not being his best work, it’s a good album which Drake fans will probably enjoy.


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