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10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

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10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War: The American Civil War is a crucial component of the nation’s history which occurred in between 1861 as well as 1865. The Northern and Southern states engaged in one of the most important and bloody fights carried out on American soil. Slavery was eliminated and the country reunified following the war.

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

Nevertheless, there are numerous unnoticed facts about the war which individuals must be conscious of. Allow me to share ten fun facts regarding the US Civil War which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

1. The War Began by an Accidental Encounter

On April 12th, 1861, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard issued the very first order of the American Civil War as he directed his troops to strike Fort Sumter at Charleston, South Carolina with the very first shot. The shooting wasn’t a real assault on the Union but a bid to buy state government property, which was interesting. The event started when a Union ship by accident collided with a Confederate batteries.

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War
The Ironclads Painting by Raymond Bayless, depicting the battle between CSS Virginia (foreground) and USS Monitor (at right). USS Minnesota is also shown, in the left middle distance. Courtesy of the U.S. Navy Art Collection, Washington, D.C. Donation of Raymond Bayless, 1975 U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

2. Females Had a Crucial Part to Play

Women played a significant role throughout the Civil War, not just as nurses but also as spies, soldiers and even civilians. About four hundred women posed as men and fought in both the Union as well as the Confederate armies, giving up their life for their cause. They fought together with the men, and a few even advanced through the ranks.

3. Abraham Lincoln Created Thanksgiving

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

Abraham Lincoln designated Thanksgiving as an official holiday in 1863. Throughout the Civil War, Lincoln declared this day a “Day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our benevolent Father.” The date he selected was the final Thursday in November, and the day is observed ever since. (10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War)

4. The Civil War Had the Most Casualties of Any American War

The Civil War had been among the most brutal in American history. The US lost approximately 620,000 troops during the war – over any other war ever waged by the nation. All these deaths had been due to infection and disease, not war.

5. The Ironclads Were Game-Changers

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War
10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

Ironclad ships of the Union helped end the Civil War. The Monitor and also the Merrimack had been the very first ironclads on the planet. Ironclads played a role in the very first naval fight between the two vessels in history at Hampton Roads. The Monitor battled in favour of the North and the Merrimack in favor of the South.

6. The Turning point occurred at the Battle of Gettysburg

The Civil War reached a substantial turning point with the Battle of Gettysburg. This particular three day battle led to a Union victory and a considerable number of Confederate fatalities. Around 50,000 Americans ended up being killed in the biggest fight fought in American soil. This victory provided the Union army momentum which pushed them to eventual victory in the war.

7. Slavery Did not End With The Emancipations Proclamation

Even though the Emancipation Proclamation marks a major historical moment, it didn’t abolish slavery completely. The proclamation was only applicable to states which had split from the Union. Slave states which remained loyal to the Union, like Delaware and Maryland were allowed to keep slaves. Slavery wasn’t formally eradicated until the 13th Amendment was enacted in 1865. (10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War)

8. Union Blockades Caused a Salt Shortage

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

The Union blockade during the Civil War brought about serious disruptions in the Southern economy. A salt shortage was just one unanticipated outcome. Salt had been a crucial component in preserving meat, so the absence of access to salt significantly impacted Southern food production. (10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War)

9. Texas: The Final Battle Was Fought

Texas witnessed the last fight of the Civil War. It had been referred to as the Battle of Palmito Ranch and occurred on May 13, 1865, more than 30 days after the war’s official conclusion. Victims were experienced by both Union and Confederate armies. (10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War)

10. The Civil War Led to Many Medical Advancements

10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War

Medical practices went through substantial changes during the Civil War. The war resulted in the creation of numerous methods as well as procedures which still exist these days, like ambulances, limb amputations and cosmetic surgery. Shell shock, a psychological health problem of battle, was initially documented in the war.


The American Civil War marked a turning point in history which brought about several significant results, like the abolition of slavery and also the nation’s reunification. The bloody conflict remains interesting to this day. As we’ve seen, there are lots of exciting facets of the Civil War, which range from the role of women and unexpected medical advancements resulting from it.

Recalling these specifics helps us appreciate the significance of the time in our history and to honor the numerous lives lost during this conflict. (10 Interesting Facts about the American Civil War)

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